Google Adsense

  1. qodrn profile image61
    qodrnposted 5 years ago

    Google Adsense

    I have hooked into my Google account, but still nothing.  I realize maybe I have not earned any pennies being new, but usually the thing will show up on adsense with a zero amount.  I have emailed both google and hubpages.  No results.  Now I am hoping a brilltiant writer here can help.  thank you.

  2. drspaniel profile image90
    drspanielposted 5 years ago

    I have the same problem currently, I'm simply hoping that it's just that I haven't earned anything through Adsense yet, and that it's not a problem with my Adsense account.

  3. marriedwithdebt profile image74
    marriedwithdebtposted 5 years ago

    Don't expect to earn anything more than pennies from AdSense for a very long time. Otherwise you will be disappointed.

    AdSense is not a very good way to earn money online. You need hundreds of thousands of views each month to earn anything worth being happy about.