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  • Why I loveTo Write..

    Why I loveTo Write..

    6 years ago

    Amazing, the places we find inspiration Don't you think? Shocking how a tear could form beautiful words Wouldn't you say? A moment of grieve A thousand moments of healing From wishing We become the Miracle we seek This why I love to...

  • One Million Reason You Should Buy This Book....(Money is the Goal not the Priority)

    One Million Reason You Should Buy This Book....(Money is the Goal not the Priority)

    6 years ago

    I always find myself asking when and how after one or two conversations with some foes, friends and individuals. It is ok to dream big it becomes a problem when one fails to wake up to reality, Sky scrapers are not built in a day so unless you wake...

  • Let's Go To America

    Let's Go To America

    6 years ago

    This a book I just finished writing, it is base on a true life story and it is an.African tale.. This is the preview of the book, I would like some thought......

  • My Gift to You on Val.

    My Gift to You on Val.

    6 years ago

    For You Just like yesterday I can still remember the first time your lips touched mine I didn’t care if it was love or lost I just couldn’t bare to live a day without you by my side I cannot tell you our love was without spot or rough edges...

  • Beautiful Yesterday!!

    Beautiful Yesterday!!

    5 years ago

    Looking back at yesterday I realize everything that has ever happened to me Was just as it should. Every No! I have ever received Was for my own good And every Yes have earned I completely deserved Friends lost and gone Was a calculated step...

  • Am Home

    Am Home

    6 years ago

    This may not sound like Capedium. If u think this to be true I agree with you I have no idea what I just wrote The good news is I realize how much I have missed writingHopefully I do not fade away too soon Once again Here am I Tumbling...

  • Now Is All That Really And Trully Matter

    Now Is All That Really And Trully Matter

    6 years ago

    Now This Minute Today We set for different course We cleave and long for love We are in each others faces Staring and trying to interpret the unknown Fighting to understand what lies behind our quiet faces Giving meaning to every...

  • My Earth By. Dabral

    My Earth By. Dabral

    6 years ago

    This is really good You should read It's a journey You will be grateful you took Click on this link The best time you will ever spend today Have fun Think This is earth A poetry from life it's self. My Earth - Yahoo! Voices -...

  • It Is Easier Said Than Done

    It Is Easier Said Than Done

    7 years ago

    Being in the State for couple of months Took lots of exam Until today Not one have I failed I didn't just passed I came out first 90 percent for me was defeat The least I had ever got was 95 And the craziest part I never study for...

  • Sometimes.. A Poem Is Just A Poem

    Sometimes.. A Poem Is Just A Poem

    7 years ago

    What makes a poet so unique.. What makes a poem makes us cry What makes a poem a cherished gift Ever wonder why ? There is beauty in poetry.. True!... Ever wonder what makes it so beautiful Poetry is more than just words True!.. ...

  • Here I s Where We Call It Quit..

    Here I s Where We Call It Quit..

    7 years ago

    This is where the story ends... Honey I can not deny You are the best thing that happened to me.. I have no regrets Loving you was no mistake And If I had to live my life twice Knowing you is the wisest decision I ever took Love is...

  • Publish Your Own Book.....:-)

    Publish Your Own Book.....:-)

    7 years ago

    It can't get any better than this.. Publishing has never being this fun.... Please this is not just some love poem.. I know.. Capedium makes everything sounds poetic Put this one of those poems that makes you wanna scream !!! This can't be...



    7 years ago

    I will start with me.... Capedium... Being Happy Is Priceless... Life Is A Blessing! Admiralburrows.. I have talent. Can't wait to meet and share with the world Advice From Jeff.. The truth is all I have to say.. Hating me is what I expect ...

  • My Friend!.. Am Scared.. Scared Am In Love!

    My Friend!.. Am Scared.. Scared Am In Love!

    7 years ago

    A little longer Hang on dear Soon, you and I will do!. It is true Life's hard And even if you and I is what we wish We just can't find the perfect time Our life alone Is too much a story to tell And even if deep down we want someone to call us "My...

  • Nobody Gets Hurt!

    Nobody Gets Hurt!

    6 years ago

    Nobody gets hurt Gently and nice she said to me.. No one has to cry She reaches for a hug We knew from the start friendship is where our journey ends Two souls perfectly bind Two unaltered rhythms Loving heart without...

  • 50 Suprising Facts Of Life

    50 Suprising Facts Of Life

    7 years ago

    (1). Too much respect turns you to a fool.... How do I know is true ? I don't (2). Friendship is simply benefit.. No emotions.. Think is a lie ? Pause and look around.. (3). Sex is wisdom.. What ? Ask Adam and Eve... (4). People enjoyed being...

  • For You!

    For You!

    7 years ago

    Will it make any difference If I had met you years ago Is it ok to ask Where have you being all my life ? Was it meant to be like this Or was I too blind to dare Was I too blind to see Or our path was never meant to cross until today! Is it...

  • Who Really Deserves It!

    Who Really Deserves It!

    7 years ago

    Everyone needs it bad Everyone believes they deserve it more Everyone is trying to make someone proud Everyone has a challenging tale... This path never ends This dreams never seize Everyone wants to share Make the world a better place...

  • Get 500 View For Each Hub You Publish

    Get 500 View For Each Hub You Publish

    7 years ago

    It is not Magic It is Reality It is not Mystical It is Simple Logic You don't need a Hundred (100) friend Fifty(50) would do It is not about think Hard Is about thinking Smart You don't need to spend a Whole day All you need is Few minutes You...

  • See Through Me

    See Through Me

    7 years ago

    Take a peep Your child hood friend and you grow to become strangers They say is life Things don't always go as plan Do they! Good deeds are quickly forgotten The question why? Has no answer Good or bad success comes with a price It is reality People...

  • Thanks You

    Thanks You

    7 years ago

    Yes you Thank you For being here Thank you for every cherish moment And profound dreams For the many kisses and hugs For your kindness and care For the unmerited love you've shown Thank you! Thank you for your encouragement For your support For...

  • You've Got To Listen To This Lyrics

    You've Got To Listen To This Lyrics

    7 years ago

    Listen to the song as you read the lyrics.. This songs is lovely... It entails the kind of joy given birth to a child can bring............ I love this music... It keeps my smiling face glowing....................... Oh baby.. Oh baby... Oh...

  • It's Funny

    It's Funny

    7 years ago

    You are someone's Angel You are another Man's beast You are a reason for someone to hope You are another Man's reason to grieve You could be my best friend And just another bully to someone else You are the perfect example today Tomorrow you are...

  • Oh! Let Us Pray

    Oh! Let Us Pray

    7 years ago

    To God Almighty To Him who is greater than the greatest To Him who is mightier than the mightiest Stronger than the strongest Better than the best Let us pray To Him who is firmer than the firmest Brighter than the brightest Tougher than the...

  • Believing In Your Dreams...... Continuation.....

    Believing In Your Dreams...... Continuation.....

    7 years ago

    Our people say.."life is not bread and butter...It is rock and metal" If any one told you it is easy, that's a lie. Even Jesus wept while he was carrying the cross "He said, even while He was here things are the way they are, how much when He is...

  • Do You Agree With Me.. ??

    Do You Agree With Me.. ??

    7 years ago

    Please Read Every Words.. I Promise You Will Like It.. Thanks... The truth hurts more than a lie... To learn you have to first listen Denying if fear When you are angry you say a word you always regret Everyone is always hiding something We all...

  • It's Amazing

    It's Amazing

    7 years ago

    Isn't it amazing One minute your entire world is crumbling The next minute it seems perfect.. One minute you don't understand The next you don't care if you do. One minute you are the best friend The next you are the enemy One minute...

  • It Breaks My Heart

    It Breaks My Heart

    7 years ago

    I don't believe what she's saying to me.. I can't believe what I just heard............ Where did you get this idea from Who has feed you with so much lies Who has blinded your heart Who! put a spell on you.... You are perfect Please, don't do this...

  • Let Me Tell You About A Book

    Let Me Tell You About A Book

    7 years ago

    One minute please! Let me tell you about a book.. One minute is all I need I promise it is not a waist of time.. One minute is all I ask I promise ... I will make every second worth the while I will turn your day to gain I will make you forget your...

  • Love For Me..........

    Love For Me..........

    7 years ago

    To think that love can be explain with words, we a mistaking. love is way beyond words can convey.. It's beauty can not be behold by a single eyes, it's feeling, is magical.. Is promises are real, it's music never fades. What's love.. Absolute...

  • Sometimes.. Is.

    Sometimes.. Is.

    7 years ago

    Had so many things on my mind.... So I thought I did the one thing they always give me peace.. Writing.. It's amazing how much joy one could find just writing.. I love Poetry! Anger blinds you.. Always being happy fools you.. Love sometimes...

  • Believing In Your Dreams

    Believing In Your Dreams

    7 years ago

    Dreams are aspiration, they are like seeds (plants), if not properly taken care of they will weather and die.. Vise-versa, when properly taken care of, can self actualize. What makes dream a very vital issue..Edwin H. Chapins wrote " Great spirit...



    7 years ago

    I know this particular Hub of mine might come as a surprise to most hubbers, I mean, "Capedium is know for writing love poems". This isn't one of my love poems.. Something came across my mind yesterday while I was at work, a group of youth came...

  • When There Is Nothing More To Say

    When There Is Nothing More To Say

    7 years ago

    Smile.. Laugh.. It's ok to sometimes cry You don't have to say a word.. Just hold my hands. It's ok to be confuse Just close your eyes It is ok if you don't understand how you feel Just think of me It's ok if you have no idea what to say.. Our love...

  • You Are Worth More Than You Know It

    You Are Worth More Than You Know It

    7 years ago

    It is you You. Don't you know it.. Can't you see it... The World is lucky to have you... You are someones reason to hope.... Capedium, you are so nice with words.. Capedium, thanks for making me feel special.. There is a special...

  • My Love For You!

    My Love For You!

    7 years ago

    I will write a poem For no one but you. I promise to love you Now and unto the very end I will care for you Make sure you never know hurt I will always be by you Will catch you each time you fall Should you cry I will wipe away your tears Hug and...

  • My Secret Diary

    My Secret Diary

    7 years ago

    Mum The only crime you committed, Was to love everyone as though they where yours. Until you came into this world A perfect mum like you was told only in fairy tales You where my dearest Thinking of you breaks me down. It is unbearable. I never told...

  • Even In Death

    Even In Death

    7 years ago

    I love you still More than I use to I cherish you Like never before I adore you You're the breath that I take.. This was what our Savior meant When He said. "Forgive them for they know not what they do" You are stronger than you know it You are...

  • It Hurts

    It Hurts

    7 years ago

    What hurts the most ? People often times wonder ? Being betrayed by the one you love ? Loosing the one you love ? Or having a family who doesn't believe in you ? Please I need an answer This pain needs surgery My heart's too heavy I can no longer...

  • A Soldiers Gave Me Love Advice

    A Soldiers Gave Me Love Advice

    7 years ago

    Come My friend I will tell you of my life greatest battle The battle of love Too many voice in my head Trying to connect with my thought Too many sad faces Worst than Nation falling apart Tears running down my eyes. Feels like rain...

  • If Not God Then Who ?

    If Not God Then Who ?

    7 years ago

    There is someone somewhere out there I believe there is He has always being by me each step of the way He has never driven me away Not once Not even when I was wrong He has never once stop to care How do I know this ... Each day I go to Him on...

  • Lucky Me

    Lucky Me

    7 years ago

    Are you really in love ? ? ? If this is a dream Then here is where I belong Me and you Should never end Life without air is nothing Am Life And you're the very Air that am breathing There is no denying You are everything that am missing Take...

  • I Promise To Be A Better Man

    I Promise To Be A Better Man

    6 years ago

    I admit I accept Am every thing that you do not deserve Am a fool Being too blind to see You are everything any man could desire You are right I cannot deny You have every reason to leave But darling If you would let me try I promise, I will be a...

  • That That Special Someone

    That That Special Someone

    7 years ago

    There is no one else that can be compare to Her. She is a light that forever shines Her beauty is paradise There is no special words in describing Her She is more than amazing She has every answers you need There is no denying Her She is God...

  • The Things That Hinders Prayers..

    The Things That Hinders Prayers..

    7 years ago

    Do you know how lucky you are, for the fact that you are alive and well for the fact that you can see and read. Do you know it's a blessing. Have it ever crossed you mind. You are alive is a proof that God answers prayers. All these are blessings,...

  • Wisdom Corner

    Wisdom Corner

    7 years ago

    Great minds Beget success.... This is Hub! Set your priorities right It is Pointless to argue and Foolish to always agree Learn to keep your friends enemy and your enemy friends God wants to bless the work of your hands... Do something! A...

  • Meant For Each Other

    Meant For Each Other

    7 years ago

    We started as Hi pals Then we became friends Together we shared Then we cared I believe in my Heart That you are Heaven sent You occupy my chest You are like air to my breath You are music to my soul I wanna love you till my last breath Knowing...

  • My Breath!

    My Breath!

    7 years ago

    I have lost track of the date and time To ease my pains and reduce my grieve Mum! You are the one reason am alive When down int the end of my day From taking a look at Life and it's mistake You are the reason I have no regrets I love you mum. ...

  • Be You!

    Be You!

    7 years ago

    This is the world today ? ? ? ? ? ? People don't care about you.... They love you because you care about yourself.. They see you, because you don't see them.. It's good to be good.. No doubt.. But if you must be good.. Be good...

  • My Believe

    My Believe

    7 years ago

    There is a reward for doing good An honest man must conquer A faithful servant must be rewarded Loyalty always pays Respect is wisdom A patient man is a money making machine Crime does not pay Fear is defeat Gentleness is heroic Love is absolute...

  • My Mum And Most Faithful Friend

    My Mum And Most Faithful Friend

    7 years ago

    Mum! My thought flee Mind gone blank And my heart filled with pains Word's couldn't convey my grief My silent grief which cuts through my heart strings My sanity hangs by a thread Mum! Had I know in every parting There is an image of death I...

  • Democracy For Africa

    Democracy For Africa

    7 years ago

    Great citizens and friends of our land This is the great great tale of Democracy I stand here today With joy in my heart and laughter on my face This land has battled Oh! Yes! we have fought Both night and day This land wish we now sit and merry...

  • I Will Be There

    I Will Be There

    7 years ago

    When the movie is ended And the music is all over When there is no more story to tell And your friends are all gone And you are left alone When your family has retired to their private worlds And you're alone in that room and empty bed ...

  • Being Happy Is Priceless

    Being Happy Is Priceless

    7 years ago

    Life is a Blessing and a sweet story. Each passing moment lets glory in it. We cannot live today twice so let us live well Time is no friend of us, so lets not grieve over one second Being happy is priceless You cannot take back the things...


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