Even after replying a comment, you still see the 'Reply' button. This is a bit c

  1. remaniki profile image79
    remanikiposted 5 years ago

    Even after replying a comment, you still see the 'Reply' button. This is a bit confusing. Any ideas?

    Once you approve a comment on your hub, you get to see two buttons 'Approve' and 'Deny". Once you click the 'Approve' button, you see the "Deny' and the 'Reply' buttons. After replying, you still see the same two buttons. If you happen to go back to your hub, you think that you haven't replied someone, but just approved. This is the feeling I get. Any similar thoughts? I would love to hear from you about this.

  2. J.S.Matthew profile image83
    J.S.Matthewposted 5 years ago

    Hello remaniki!

    I was a bit confused too when they first came out with this feature. What I have noticed is that this feature is specifically designed for use when you have multiple comments on a single Hub that you want to reply to. You click "reply", type in your comment, then it will disappear once you publish your reply.

    I find it useful because sometimes I have to walk away from my desk and I know exactly who I last replied to because of this feature. Two other things I noticed were that when you add a comment in the comment box instead of hitting "reply" the reply button does not disappear. The last thing I noticed is that even though the reply buttons disappear as you are commenting through them, once you close the page and reopen it, the reply buttons show up again. I am not sure why the team decided to do this and I agree that it can be a bit confusing. I hope this explains it a little bit more for you!