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How can I increase views to my hubs ?

  1. madhuwillb profile image39
    madhuwillbposted 6 years ago

    How can I increase views to my hubs ?

  2. sonykkid profile image59
    sonykkidposted 6 years ago

    Use social bookmarking sites
    Use directories only good quality ones
    do seo
    create backlinks
    interlink all of your blogs and posts
    use social media
    improve your hubscore to get more traffic from within hubpages
    Use stumble upon

  3. flashmakeit profile image70
    flashmakeitposted 6 years ago

    Sonykkid wrote some good tips.  I would like to also add some tips that may increase your views.
    !. try to write more hubs
    2. find members with the same interest that you have
    3.  join an itt social network
    4.  keep asking question and answering question because you may find people interested in the subjects you write.
    5.  help people out in the help forum on the hub pages
    6. write articles for beginners
    Good luck!!!

  4. internetgeek profile image60
    internetgeekposted 6 years ago

    Write more quality Hubs, comments on other Hubs which interests you, use email signatures, share on social networking platforms, add effective  SEO keywords, engage in forums, follow the Hubbers you are interested in. It's all about spending more time to improve traffic to your Hubs.

  5. rfmoran profile image89
    rfmoranposted 6 years ago

    If you use facebook or twitter, both of these sites can drive traffic to your hubs. When I write a hub, I write a tweet about it with a link to the hub. I use socialoomph.com to schedule the tweet to repeat itself once every 8 hours. So for every hub i write, there is a constant reminder out there for people to visit and read it.