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self promotion

  1. kwalters profile image54
    kwaltersposted 8 years ago

    I'm a bit leary of self promotion due to a problem I experienced in forums yesterday.  I have a hubpage, actually a children's story, that I would like to explore/to examine in a separate hubpage.  That is, I want to write an essay on it and explain parts because I feel some of the ideas are worth discussion.  Of course, there is a level of desire to self-promote--I would like more readers and comments--but because of the style and nature of the story, I do feel the second page offers something distinctly different that goes beyond pure exploitation.  Generally speaking, will hubpage staff feel two pages, one examining ideas in the other, too overbearing?

  2. Mark Knowles profile image59
    Mark Knowlesposted 8 years ago

    Pretty much - as long as you follow the hubpages TOS - you can do as you please. No one is going to read it unless you generate some traffic though.

    And hubpages' forum is not the best place to do that. wink

  3. kwalters profile image54
    kwaltersposted 8 years ago

    Here is the terms of use on being overly promtional:

    5.My hub was flagged as overly promotional, what does that mean?
    Purely promotional offers and Hubs designed only to promote other sites or businesses are not allowed. In particular, the following actions are likely to get your hubs flagged:

    •linking repeatedly to the same site within a hub or across many hubs
    •including links to a page that contains largely the same content as your hub
    •linking to products or services unrelated to a Hub's content
    •including more than 2 links to any one domain
    •short "teasers" with links to "read more" at another site
    •including promotional links on content that is unoriginal (i.e. not exclusive to HubPages); promotional links can only be included on content that is exclusive to HubPages
    •linking to the same domain in the body of the text AND in an RSS feed
    Please note that promotional links are links that you have any interest in promoting (your blog, your Website, affiliate offers, etc.). Links to well-known Web resources which you don't have any personal interest in (like Wikipedia, news sites, encyclopedias, open directories, etc.) are exempt from this limitation.

    I am not promoting a business.  I plan no links and the content is different, even without the link.  I do not plan a "read more at..." (although there is an implication of that inherent).  The text is original for both pages.  Mostly the Terms refer to links.  One is a story, the other an analysis without even linking to the story.

    Mark, as for generating traffic, it's doing ok, not great, not horribly.  Also, I do not plan to use the forum to generate the traffic.  Mostly, I've been playing games in Sandpit, just to get my name seen, not mentioning the page at all.

  4. Aqua profile image82
    Aquaposted 8 years ago

    Go ahead and write your second hub, that's not a problem. (Be sure to link the two hubs.) The main point is that you shouldn't post your hubs here in the forums unless you want to submit them for a "makeover".

    If you need traffic, you might want to read some hubs with ideas about how to generate some views. Just use the search box and you should be able to find some applicable hubs.

    1. kwalters profile image54
      kwaltersposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Aqua