How To Improve Your Online Writing

  1. Adventure Colorad profile image82
    Adventure Coloradposted 5 years ago

    How To Improve Your Online Writing

    I try to go through my old Hubs and blog posts to edit them and add to them.  What suggestions do you have for bringing new traffic to those old posts?  Is it all about keywords or is increasing the total content more important?

  2. RolyRetro profile image85
    RolyRetroposted 5 years ago

    My understanding, from my old website development projects as much as my hubpages, is that it is a bit of both.  Fresh content is going to keep the hub from slipping in the Google rankings, as well as making sure that pictures and video are featured.  Getting the right keywords is always going to be important, so analysis of the topic using the Google keyword tool is necessary to tune the content (but not overload).

    My view is that decent content will build backlinks over time from 3rd party websites and blogs, but you need to publicise through social media to reach the audience in the first place.  I am against the concept of spamming sites with my links, unless I own the site in the first place, and the link is in context of the content being linked.

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    afriqnetposted 5 years ago

    The best way to Improve your Online writing is by reading how successful people write. If you read some of the successful blogs in your niche you will understand how to write objective content that will be read my millions of people. You should always focus on the user experience, make the content very understandable i.e good prose, no typos and deliver on what is promised in the title of the article.