Why do I lose some of my accolades?

  1. Allen Williams profile image82
    Allen Williamsposted 5 years ago

    Why do I lose some of my accolades?

    At one point I had 9 different accolades and then I noticed one was gone but I din't know which one at the time.  Now after about 2 months, and just since less than an hour ago, I lost another one.  I am down to 7 accolades.  I know which 2 that I am missing.  They are, Great Commenter Level IV and Great HubPages Citizen:.    Why do they go away?

  2. yougotme profile image91
    yougotmeposted 5 years ago

    I've read somewhere here that accolades really come and go, and that you need to sustain them.

    But, frankly, I am also wondering (about your case) because for the Great Commenter, it should not just vanish at once. It should only decline over time go back one level at a time.

    Maybe it's better if you would try contacting the support team of Hubpages. smile

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