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What would you classify as a 'silly question' on HP?

  1. angied83 profile image79
    angied83posted 5 years ago

    What would you classify as a 'silly question' on HP?

    Maybe I posed a silly question but I am just asking because I have recently noticed a few users who seemingly ask a bunch of questions that doesn't really require a lot of thought, or questions you know they know the answer to. When these questions are grouped together you see a pattern or trend that indicates that the asker may not really be interested in the answer, rather, he or she just wants the points, accolades, whatever!

  2. Becky Katz profile image85
    Becky Katzposted 5 years ago

    Or they could answer your question for those points. There really is no difference. Theirs is just more obvious. It is all right, we all need to do things to keep our points up.

    1. angied83 profile image79
      angied83posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Becky, thanks for taking the time to answer. I agree all hubbers who are conscious of their scores need to do these things but I genuinely enjoy answering questions I find interesting. The silly ones tend to bury the legit questions, IMHO: -)

    2. Becky Katz profile image85
      Becky Katzposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      A really silly one I just saw was a guy wanting to buy a pet rhinoceros for his three year old niece. That was just flat stupid. I enjoy answering an intelligent question also.

  3. DzyMsLizzy profile image98
    DzyMsLizzyposted 5 years ago

    There are too many to list!
    In general, a silly question is one that requires, as you say, little or no thought, and to which the responder must give considerable effort to reply in sufficient words so as not to have their answer classified as "too short."

    Many questions are simply yes-or-no items; others deserve a head-shaking reply of "Duh!"  Some people ask questions in a way that indicates that perhaps they, themselves are unsure of what they want to know--are just asking questions for the sake of doing so.

    Still others are not questions, but statements.  I recently saw only a movie title.  Presumably, the asker wanted a short movie review, but with only the title, it is hard to judge.  Maybe they wanted to know who the screenwriter was, or the production studio.

    Then, there are a few who seem to become obsessed with a given topic, and keep asking the same question over and over, with only minor wording changes.

    Best questioning guidelines:  Ask your question in fully formed sentences, using the "additional information" box if need be, and be sure it IS in question format, and not just making a statement.

  4. g37752 profile image73
    g37752posted 5 years ago

    err.. pardon my silly question - what points? the one in the lower right corner of your avatar?