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What is the best way to get views?

  1. nikkiraeink profile image61
    nikkiraeinkposted 5 years ago

    What is the best way to get views?

    I've been on HubPages for four years and still haven't had 3,500 views. What gives? I hub hop, follow other hubbers, share hubs, and try commenting as much as possible but I'm still not seeing results. Any advice?

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Be sure to advertise your Hubs on Adsense, Facebook, Pinster, Stumbleupon, Google+1, etc. You have to get your Hubs out there for people to come and view them. Good luck!! smile

  3. e-five profile image96
    e-fiveposted 5 years ago

    Use Twitter and Facebook.  Both of those platforms are great for small social interaction and accumulating a lot of friends and followers.  You can share your longer-form thoughts on your Hubs with your Twitter and Facebook community, and encourage them to discuss.

  4. internpete profile image89
    internpeteposted 5 years ago

    I get 70-80% of my traffic from Google and other search engines. I wrote about 6 hubs 3 years ago, and then stopped using hp for awhile. Several of these hubs do well in search engines now and I get double digit views daily for 3-4 of them. I have gone back and edited some of them, adding new information and optimizing for certain keywords and have seen traffic to these hubs double easily. My other hubs that I have written in the last 2-3 months are also starting to pick up a lot of search engine traffic.

    So, I would strongly recommend writing hubs that will do well in search engines. Also consider going back and editing hubs that might not be doing well. There are plenty of resources here on hp that go into how to write evergreen hubs, but basically I try to write at least 1000 words, use Google Adwords Keyword tool to check for keywords and earning potential, check Google search results to see how competitive it is, and also use social media to promote/ provide backlinks to help get my hubs ranked high quickly.

    it is also good to have nice formating in hubs, links to other hubs, and plenty of related pictures.

    Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas!

  5. Anonymous00 profile image69
    Anonymous00posted 5 years ago

    I would say always keep in mind 'content is king' I'd think the trick is valuable content, at regular intervals, plus utilizing available social networks and social bookmark resources to their full potential,  and always to your immediate and direct advantage. So long as you aren't breaching the rules of engagement. The tools and resources are there to help you provided you are willing to utilize them diligently. Even painstakingly if it is required. Maybe veteran users could contribute a much more sophisticated insight, and elaborate more accurately as to the intricacies of facilitating and up-keeping a higher level of  self sufficiency. But my sole impressions thus far would suggest, it's almost like building an online portfolio of sorts. I would think having an acknowledged command of each and every aspect, understanding how those "resources" work together to play in your favour, and moreover, how you would intertwine them to suit your specific objectives, would only be of aid in helping improve the stability and value of your 'personal portfolio' in the short as well as the long run. Delivering better results, at a faster rate, and potentially resulting in greater and more noticeable progress all together.

  6. Sherry Hewins profile image96
    Sherry Hewinsposted 5 years ago

    Write more hubs. After 4 years you only have 27. I've notice that some of my hubs get pretty high views every day, some get very low views or none on most days. Then there are those in the middle that get little surges of views. The more of them you have, the fewer really low days you have, because some surge while other slump. Try a challenge. Someone's suggested a 7 hubs in 7 days challenge if 30 in 30 sounds like too much. The social aspect of hubbing can really only get you so far.