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Have you used Popplet to bring traffic to you?

  1. luisj305 profile image85
    luisj305posted 5 years ago

    Have you used Popplet to bring traffic to you?

    I was looking around at recent traffic sources and have been seeing Popplet regularly. I went to the site but it looks like you have to be a member to even browse around past the home page, so I never did. It looks like pinterest on a brainstorm.

    I'll try it out soon, but the results won't show right away. I'm curious to know if anyone has used this site to bring traffic, and what results you've seen.

  2. amos316 profile image73
    amos316posted 5 years ago

    I hadn't actually heard of that site. after checking it out, It looks like a good idea. It would just depend on how they handle it on their end

  3. datadriven profile image62
    datadrivenposted 5 years ago

    That's a great question Luis.

    I do some writing for the popplet blog and you can see how others use Popplet.com at http://blog.popplet.com

    In my opinion, Popplet is underutilized as a way to drive website traffic. For example, people could create a popplet board around a particular idea, share it publicly and then tweet the link using hashtags related to your audience or popplet content. This would inspire traffic interested in the concept to have a look at your popplet board. Few popplet users are using popplet in this way as yet.

    You can embed links directly into a popplet so if you were attracting visitors to your popplet board, you could then include links to your hubpages or other website sources so readers can doubleclick the link in your popplet to directly dive deeper into your online media outposts.

    You can also embed your popplets into webpages and blog posts, as a way to keep your readers engaged and interested in your written content. There is a tutorial on the popplet blog explaining how to do that. Embedded popplets are a great way to liven up a blog post and present the information you want to share (or your background research) in a visual way that helps readers engage with both their left and right hemispheres.

    It's such a great question, i am going to head off now to write a blog post and hubpage about it in more detail! I'll let you know the links.

    1. luisj305 profile image85
      luisj305posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Sounds great, thanks for taking the time to answer and explain it in detail Datadriven.

    2. datadriven profile image62
      datadrivenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I've now expanded on one way to use Popplet for getting website traffic in this blog post: http://bit.ly/Rk5RMF I'll add more soon. Perhaps if you try using Popplet in this way you could set up a hub about it? I'd love to hear how your experiments go