Are we allowed to shorten the link to one of our hubs using

  1. suraj punjabi profile image88
    suraj punjabiposted 5 years ago

    Are we allowed to shorten the link to one of our hubs using

    I would very much like to do this since a shorter url link would be nice for my twitter and plus you get to earn money by using but I want to make sure 1st if hubpages is okay with it.

  2. ronny2005 profile image79
    ronny2005posted 5 years ago

    You will not be violating any rules of Hub Pages by using for shortening the hub URLs. You can use these shortened links anywhere but Hub Pages. Hub Pages doesn't allow its users to use such kind of links. These links are totally related to earning money and promoting, so Hub Pages won't allow its users to use them here.

    However, you can use these links anywhere else. But, most of the users may get irritated as people do not like to wait. links let the visitors proceed to the original destinations only after they wait for 5 seconds and 'skip ad'.

    I have heard about, but I think Hub Pages is a better way of earning money than using

    You can use URL shortener websites like Tiny URL, Bitly, Google URL Shortener,, etc.

    You can read my hub about promoting hubs and getting traffic. Hope that helps.