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How often do you share hubs?

  1. Jamie Brock profile image93
    Jamie Brockposted 5 years ago

    How often do you share hubs?

    Both your own hubs or other peoples hubs via Hubpage Followers, facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.   I really want to return the favor by sharing other peoples hubs but I don't know what an acceptable amount is. I'm sure it's not good to do it with every hub, right?

  2. carol7777 profile image92
    carol7777posted 5 years ago

    I read a lot of hubs during the day sometimes well over 50.  I vote up a lot when I like the hub and share the ones that really catch my eye(often my favorite topics). I think about whether people have something to learn or even get a good laugh.  To answer your question now that I have done everything but..Between 10 and 15 but I don't share all in one place or it is too much.

    1. Jamie Brock profile image93
      Jamie Brockposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks carol.. that makes sense... so it sounds like you share roughly about 1/3, give or take.  Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Thank you so much for your reply smile

  3. Sunshine625 profile image93
    Sunshine625posted 5 years ago

    I  share as often as time permits. I don't spam share since that practice is tacky. If I like a hub I'll tweet it, pin it, chime it, G+ it, add it to the Sunshine Times newspaper and of course Facebook it. It all depends on the hub. I hope this helps answer your question Jamie smile

    1. Jamie Brock profile image93
      Jamie Brockposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Linda!!!! Yep, sure does... thank you smile  I'm thinking I should just DO IT but don't over do it.  Moderation is key.  So will be sharing a few hubs now and then smile

  4. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 5 years ago

    Sharing hubs is something that should be done sparingly.  Most people who share several daily have the best intentions, but it ends up having the reverse effect.  People stop paying attention when you overpromote any one website too much.  I have seen people that share many hubs a day and the truth of the matter is I know there isn't that many hubs that are going to be that stellar - so I tend to ignore the shares and move on to other things.  I pay attention when people who rarely share do so, because I know it will likely be something worth my while to check out.  In fact, it's how I've found and followed several hubbers who I really enjoy. 

    Diversifying where you share is good also - but still don't overdo it or you'll make people turn away.  Every hub you write should be shared once through your network and then left for at least a few months.  At that time, you can reshare again perhaps, but again less is more overall if you actually want to see results for your efforts.

    1. Jamie Brock profile image93
      Jamie Brockposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Christina.. you make a lot of good points. Will keep those in mind...thank you so much for your reply smile

  5. breathing profile image62
    breathingposted 2 years ago

    The sharing of hubs varies according to the popularity of hubs. If any hub is getting more than desired amount of traffic I definitely like to share it more frequently compared to others. Then there are higher chances that your profile will get a boost up. Also there are times when hype is going on a certain topic. And everybody is trying to write something on that topic. In that case, it is bound that you should write something informative and detailed on that hype topic and share it as more as possible. Because peak hour doesn’t come always. 

    Also there are times when anybody is looking for a particular topic and you have already written a hub on that particular topic. If you share that hub on that time, you will likely get a good feedback. You will need to keep all these things in mind before just simply sharing any hub without any valid reason. There are many hub authors who share all their hubs frequently. This is a bad practice. It doesn’t bring any good to your profile. Rather it may affect your profile in a negative way. So always calculate all the things before you got to share even the most popular of your written hubs.