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Do you get paid for everything you make like has to make it to 100$ or each mont

  1. Ktrina123 profile image60
    Ktrina123posted 5 years ago

    Do you get paid for everything you make like has to make it to 100$ or each month?

  2. CZCZCZ profile image83
    CZCZCZposted 5 years ago

    The threshold is $50 for earnings on hubpages and the balance will carry over each month until you reach that minimum and then it transfers into your paypal account the following month.

    1. Patkay profile image91
      Patkayposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That is very true.

  3. DDE profile image27
    DDEposted 5 years ago

    As I understand the payment you receive the first cheque once you reach the threshold of fifty dollars

  4. rontlog profile image86
    rontlogposted 5 years ago

    There are various ways that you can earn money with Hubpages:

    With the Hubpages Ad Program, you get paid once your balance reaches $50. Once you have been paid, your balance returns to $0 and you have to wait until your earnings build up to $50 again and then you get paid again. 

    The other way to earn is with Google Adsense. I live in the UK and I get paid everytime my balance hits £60 (not sure what the US$ amount is).

    1. lobobrandon profile image90
      lobobrandonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      US dollars amount is $100

  5. agvulpes profile image86
    agvulpesposted 5 years ago

    My suggestion is to take the time and read through the "learning center" there is a link attached to your "Hubber name" button.
    Here is a starting point: http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/earnings-program
    Nothing like getting it from the horses mouth smile

    1. loveofnight profile image81
      loveofnightposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      great answer and thanks for the link

  6. Tyler Bracken profile image81
    Tyler Brackenposted 5 years ago

    Once you reach $50 in earnings, on the 26th or 28th of which ever month it is, the following month on the 26th/28th you will be paid the money you made up until the first date. So if you pass $50 early on in a month and you carry on making $ up until the 26th/28th, that money will be added to the payment that is sent to you the following month.

    Good luck! smile