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What do you do once you find the perfect keywords?

  1. Learning in Life profile image92
    Learning in Lifeposted 5 years ago

    What do you do once you find the perfect keywords?

    You did all your keyword research. You know what words you want to rank with, now how do you write so that you rank with them. Do you need to worry about keyword density, length of article, ect. What is the next step after you pick your keywords.

  2. simpelandcheap profile image60
    simpelandcheapposted 5 years ago

    After I do keyword research, I craft my headline. After that i write the body of my hub. Once i edit the hub i begin my quest for back links. I search for high quality domains ( page rank 6 or higher) after that I play the SEO waiting game. Hopefully google is kind enough to send some traffic my way. Hope this helps

  3. NickSimpson profile image62
    NickSimpsonposted 5 years ago

    Once you have some solid keywords, there are a few different schools of thought on what is next. My own is to make sure that you have on main keyword and a few long tail or supporting keyword terms.  The reason I always work with a group of keywords is that there is not as much of a magical kw density as there has been in the past as far as Google is concerned. In fact, it is very highly suggest by most seo authorities to not even worry about the kw density, but rather the actual flow of the content. Making sure your content is not only original and helpful, but also pertinent to the topic you are writing, adding industry slang really seems to help in some cases. If you can write naturally (for the reader, not for seo) then almost always this content will win in the long run. The focus of your efforts really should be to create remarkable content not to use a mathematical algorithm to figure out exactly how many times you should drop a keyword. If you have your own site that you can alter the actual url of the content, having a keyword closer to the domain is helpful, if your blog does not put the title of the post into the path, you may need to tweak your permalinks settings.

    So with all that said, the next step is to either create or outsource some powerful and compelling content. This will also really raise your chances of others sharing your information virally.



    Oh and yes, Title is important.

    1. simpelandcheap profile image60
      simpelandcheapposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Great comment

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      jcalesposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      great answer Nick. I'd like to add to drop in a pertinent image or video too to make it uber-helpful

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    Anonymous00posted 5 years ago

    I start off formulating the content. Deciding on the most effective keywords. Crafting the article, tailoring the headline, editing where need be, and finally .... promotion. It's all about good content and effective promotion.

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    rfmoranposted 5 years ago

    The key is to fit your keywords into a compelling article, which is often not very easy. You have to balance a solid SEO title with a title that makes grammatical sense. I get a lot of traffic from twitter. I sometimes change the title in a twitter post to make it appear more like a magazine title

  6. Glass-Jewelry profile image59
    Glass-Jewelryposted 5 years ago

    there are two things to be done, as the great Matt Cutts has explained several times :

    1) You must create web pages and sites rich in content, original and unique.

    2) You need to promote and raise awareness of your site to other sites to get a backlink from them, as evidence of their appreciation of your content.

    That's all.