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How did my friend get so much traffic to her blog?

  1. maddot profile image81
    maddotposted 5 years ago

    How did my friend get so much traffic to her blog?

    My friend writes a blog. She does not backlink, does not use keyword search; very few pictures,  no bullet points; she hasn't promoted her blog on facebook etc, she just writes. Her traffic is incredible and yes it's a good blog..and yet she does nothing but write..how is this possible?

  2. RikkiRay profile image70
    RikkiRayposted 5 years ago

    I believe the reason is because it has some good quality articles. If someone likes this blog, he or she will probably spread it out by putting it on their Twitter or Facebook and that is why the traffic is great.

    1. maddot profile image81
      maddotposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      yes i agree it's popular but what is that saying about hubpages and the quality being produced plus all the trciks of teh trade being employed?

  3. jhendor profile image79
    jhendorposted 5 years ago

    she must definitely be a good writer and thats all one needs to get fantastic traffic.

    1. maddot profile image81
      maddotposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      She is a good writer  but I think what has clinched it for her is her content. She's writes about her journey through a mixed relationship, Australian and her fiance is Nepalese. The reader moves through her life not knowing the outcome.

  4. Anonymous00 profile image72
    Anonymous00posted 5 years ago

    You answered your own question .... She does nothing but write. And write well it seems. It's all about quality content. The more HQ content you publish .. the better your ratings and performance will be in return.

  5. aykianink profile image60
    aykianinkposted 5 years ago

    Serious questions:  Is she extremely good looking and does she post a lot of pictures?  Perhaps the blog is very sexual?

    Here's my guess on the situation:  She's writing about her relationship experience but she also happens to be giving out good advice.  People really like advice.  Think "Dear Abby" and the like.

    1. maddot profile image81
      maddotposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      no she is not putting any pictures of a sexual nature up nor is she giving advice. Go to    http://whitegirlinasari.wordpress.com/
      check it for yourself then let me know what you think..thanks

  6. profile image73
    owurakwasipposted 5 years ago

    To get a rush on a hub or blog is easy. One has to attract attention by one's topic, and by appealing to the kind of people that one is targeting with honesty in one's approach.
    Many of us write to influence others, forgetting that most people are experts in their own right, and the more they are made to believe that they have any weaknesses in life, the more they resist a writer's opinions and find a way to debunk them.
    A writer must be specific about his or her targeted audience; it (audience) should not be spoon fed with white washed ideas or suggestions, It must be allowed to have room to think freely for itself, and others will be happy to part of that audience.
    That is the only way a targeted audience grows; and that equates heavy traffic to a blog or a hub.
    For example, millions of Americans love the sport of football, and if one was writing only about the best teams and telling how they have come to acquire that level of accomplishment, which obviously through hard work, the writer is focusing on just half of his or her audience.
    However, if weak teams are also mentioned, and refreshing their memory that they have done well during some seasons, and also drawing their attention to the fact that it is not a good manager that makes a team; but the players themselves, they are bound to be inspired.
    The writer has covered all his bases; and especially as weak teams have fans too the writer has expanded his target audience threefold; the teams, their followers and the general public.
    A writer must put himself or herself in the niche of a painter, and always attempt to view his or her topic through the eyes of his or her audience as well; for painters are never narrow minded.
    They paint, using several viewpoints, good or bad, to include almost all that will see their work.
    "How did my friend get so much traffic to her blog?" must have been that she has not been selfish in expressing her views, but has attributed some of her salient points to people outside the realm of her expectation; meaning she did not concentrate on those in the ring fighting, but also the crowd watching and how their reactions were 
    That way, she would have any number of people reading her blog or hub, for having a wider view than someone, who wanted to be just intuitive, and without having any consideration for her readers or anyone, who would come across the blog or hub, ramble on and on from start to finish.
    There's nothing more satisfying than getting the traffic she wants.