Embedding youtube videos

  1. franksg384 profile image76
    franksg384posted 5 years ago

    Embedding youtube videos

    I have youtube videos.  I have embedding access allowed on my videos.  Can others embed my youtube videos onto other sites, and somehow profit from them?  Will I still get adsense earnings from the views from this?  Should I keep embedding on and allow them to do this?  I've found a website with a lot of my videos on it.  Is this a good thing??

  2. prophetable1 profile image61
    prophetable1posted 5 years ago

    If you have access allowed, then yes - others are free to embed them. Can you make money from them? NO or at least not directly (as far as I am aware ).
    The benefit you have when someone embeds your video, is the fact that you can include a link back to your own site; and in the description field under the vid you can have links to any other site you wish, including affiliate links to products etc.

    If lots of people embed your vid, it means that you may gets heaps of views to your youtube channel = free advertising and good mojo from Google!