Should I revise a successful Hub?

  1. xrocker30 profile image75
    xrocker30posted 5 years ago

    Should I revise a successful Hub?

    Looking back on my most successful hub written several years earlier, I've realized that I could revise it to make it significantly better.  My only fear is that this revision will somehow negatively impact it's future success because it won't rank as well is Search Engines or something because of my revisions. What do you think? Have you experienced this before?

  2. NotPC profile image60
    NotPCposted 5 years ago

    As long as your revisions are legitimate (i.e. don't compromise spelling or grammar), you can really only improve your ranking by updating a hub. I do this all the time with my hubs that rank first page Google and I have always seen a positive impact. Avoid removing your established keywords however.