Hi i want to create Fan Group. Am i eligible for that ?

  1. kirstenblog profile image76
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    In your account area, in the 'your hubs' area you can click on groups and this will group all of your hubs together into a leather fashion group (or whatever you wish to call it). When a reader finds one of your hubs and reads to the bottom they will see a link to the next hub in the group, groups are a good way to increase traffic to your hubs as it makes it easy for a reader to read more of your hubs on that topic. The assumption is that they will want to read even more on that topic being as they have already read one of your hubs on that topic and can help if only one or two of your hubs is good at attracting traffic directly from search engines.

    As for the fan clubs I have not tried to start one up myself but there are links to both hubber fan clubs (the hubbers you have fanned I assume) and Category fan clubs (again I assume a list of fan clubs on topics you have joined). I suspect that the admin staff create the category fan club topics based on what they think will be popular with a lot of users. I guess if you think that a fan club on fashion or leather fashion could be created (if they do not already exist) by the admin if they can be convinced that lots of people would want them. I have the idea that when you publish a hub under a topic like fashion or mental health or the outdoors (whatever your hub is about, you get to choose that when you start a new hub) it will show up for people who have signed up for that categories fan club. If that is the case your fans will be notified of your new hub as well as people that have signed up for that topics fan club.

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    Janettaposted 8 years ago

    You can't create a fan club for yourself if that's what you are asking. Hubbers have to find your profile then choose whether or not to fan you.

    There is a link on your profile page above where your fans would be listed that says "invite people to join my fan club" but that's about as close as you will get.

    As for creating a category for "leather fashion" (assuming there isnt one already) you can ask the hubteam to add it for you butyou can't create one yourself