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Trouble with Hub Hopper

  1. gabgirl12 profile image77
    gabgirl12posted 4 years ago

    Trouble with Hub Hopper

    When I hope hubs and then I click on 'what's this', it brings me to a different page, then when I go back, I see a different hub. The problem is that I liked the hub I was attempting to rate. So I clicked 'back' again and it brings me to that hub, but then it says 'you haven't rated this hub yet'. But, it won't give me the option to continue rating it. Is it possible we can have that option on 'every' hub without having to hop them? Or have the 'whats this' generate a pop up when we click it? I'm disappointed because now I have to hunt for this hub but I can't give it the rating it deserves.

  2. Que Scout profile image77
    Que Scoutposted 4 years ago


    You are so correct. I encountered the same problem. I do not have a solution to help you get back to the page you were rating but I do have a simple work around.

    When ever I am not sure about the page I am on, and I want to stay on that page it right click the link and select "open in new tab"; and new tab is opened, the original page you were on is still there. I expect you may have know this but some other readers may not.

    Hopefully HP will look into what you have highlighted.

    1. gabgirl12 profile image77
      gabgirl12posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I will try the open in new tab. I didn't see it there for some reason. Thanks!

  3. Ceres Schwarz profile image25
    Ceres Schwarzposted 4 years ago

    I just tried what you said but it happens differently for me. When I click on the "what's this", it does go to the HubPages FAQ. Then I click the back button to go back to the hub I haven't rated yet.

    It says "you haven't rated this hub yet" and then there's the button to "hop to next hub". When I click that button, instead of being brought to the next hub, the rating scale shows up and I can then rate the hub before going with the next hub.

    I'm not sure why it's different with you. Maybe someone else has an answer or maybe you can ask HubPages about it via the help wizard. Here's the link for that: http://hubpages.com/help-wizard/ .

    Alternatively, you can just right-click on the "what's this" and select to open it in a new tab or new window so you won't lose the hub you want to rate and you can still look at the FAQ on the hub hopper. Hope this helped.

    1. gabgirl12 profile image77
      gabgirl12posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well, I didn't see anything about it in the HubPages community so I didn't think it was a common problem. But I will definitely check out the help wizard.