What can I do?!!

  1. Ganna Essam profile image61
    Ganna Essamposted 4 years ago

    What can I do?!!

    what can I do when hub pages sent me an email telling me
    heads up! it looks like your hub is not cleared for publication because it didn't pass the quality assessment?
    after writing everu hub. this email is sent hmm

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    CalebSparksposted 4 years ago

    You probably just need to improve you hub in areas of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. Is your hub long enough (at least 500 words)? Does it have an interesting, concise title and good subheadings? Fixing these things can help your hub's quality go up.

  3. pelsicco profile image61
    pelsiccoposted 4 years ago

    CalebSparks is pot on.this link will help you http://markewbie.hubpages.com/hub/How-t … es-Article .