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Is there any monetary benefit of following and being followed in HubPages?

  1. nnms profile image78
    nnmsposted 4 years ago

    Is there any monetary benefit of following and being followed in HubPages?

  2. earner profile image87
    earnerposted 4 years ago

    If somebody is following you, every time you publish a new article they will be alerted - so they might comment, or share it on their facebook/twitter.  While this is unlikely for many to generate much, if you've got 1000 followers then at least you've a chance that when you write something new 1000 people will be notified... whereas if nobody follows you then maybe nobody will notice/care.

    Your hubs don't show the top slot Adsense advert until your page has had 100 views, so it's a way to potentially generate those 100 from hubpages people (who won't click the ads anyway in most instances).

    If you follow people, you get notified when they post - and can comment on their artice.

    Overall, the monetary potential of this is "medium", the reality is more likely to be "none".  But, it does help to get you noticed and if you go into the forums you've got people there who know who you are possibly.

    It's all a bit airy fairy to be honest, unless you've super-proactive with commenting etc.

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    Angela Jeterposted 4 years ago

    Yes, because you can get notice to your hubs by commenting and interacting with others:) Hope that helps!

  4. Johnrr631992 profile image88
    Johnrr631992posted 4 years ago

    Having many followers can help you in the long run.. For instance having 1,000 could mean an extra couple dollars when you publish each new hub, but just having a few followers doesn't really benefit you much, UNLESS you enjoy reading the work they publish.. Following someone for the sake of following does not gain any help at all.

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    chrisinhawaiiposted 4 years ago

    Depends on how active and genuine those followers are.  If they only followed you so that you'd follow them back -- but they never really read your posts and share them -- then there's no real benefit there.

    But generally speaking, the more followers you have, the more page views you are likely to get, and the more your hubs are likely to be shared outside of HUbPages, so...potentially, there is monetary benefit to having lots of followers.

    Having said that, the real key to making money here is to write hubs that will draw traffic from Google -- that's where the money is.  And you can do that without having many followers.

  6. JamesAng12 profile image89
    JamesAng12posted 4 years ago

    By being followed by a larger number of people on HP, you basically increase your chances of being noticed whenever you publish a new hub. This increases traffic to your new hub, and your followers may share them. Subsequently, you get more people visiting your hub, and all these people may also view your profile and look at your other hubs, which all amount to a general increase in traffic to your hubs. This then increases your chances of having your ads being clicked.

    Following others, however, is merely for your own interest, to be updated on new hubs that others may post up from time to time.