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How to stop abuse of Hubs by Guest Visitors on HubPages?

  1. srsddn profile image93
    srsddnposted 4 years ago

    How to stop abuse of Hubs by Guest Visitors on HubPages?

    This morning I found a spurt in the visits to one of my Hubs. I found some guest visitor clicking it and posting unwanted comments also. I got 7-8 abusive comments in a short period. I immediately used the 'deny' button and even 'deleted' those comments.

    The visitor did not stop there but pointed out the deletion of the conversation and started posting more comments. Some of the names of visitors used are surprisingly of the past Presidents of the USA. There are about 25 such comments pending on my Hub.

    Could any of the Hubbers, please, help me and suggest how to deal with it?

  2. CraftytotheCore profile image84
    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    Oh, that's interesting.  I have no idea. 
    I've had comments from Guest Users but they have always been kind.
    One time someone posted spam trying to get me to click on a link outside of HP.  But other than that, I haven't had this problem.

  3. JohnGreasyGamer profile image84
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years ago

    Sadly there isn't any way to stop the abuse per se. You can prevent guests from commenting on certain (or all Hubs) by doing the following:

    1) Go into your account page.
    2) Go into Comments (via the bar on the left of the page).
    3) Press the drop-down button, "Show/Hide Settings".
    4) Choose the options you want for commenting permissions.
    5) If any changes have been made, press "Save".

    I've disallowed all guest posting because less than 1 in 10 comments I get from guests are constructive or helpful feedback. I've had similar experiences to you where, when I posted a review, the next day I received 23 negative comments. This was likely because someone posted my review on a forum and asked everyone to have a look at it.

    I've allowed guests to post in the past around three times, but I've given up because few have common decency to be polite. Sadly HubPages staff can't do anything about guest posts unless they can block IPs, and even then I doubt they can - or will - do that.

    I hope this helps, and I'm truly sorry to hear that people haven't grown up on the internet yet.

  4. srsddn profile image93
    srsddnposted 4 years ago

    JohnGreasyGamer, I am grateful to you for responding to my question and offering a solution. The solution proposed by you is quite systematic and I will apply it when my son returns from school so that he can also learn to combat such challenges. It is really a great help and very many thanks for this. Have a nice time!