Google's Turning down my adsense request! - II

  1. Adopt-a-Dog profile image67
    Adopt-a-Dogposted 8 years ago

    I got a mail from a fellow hubber (I wont name, I dont want to get anyone bad reputation)
    It started with-

    Send me an email and I will intro you to sorting your problem outside of HP. But you also must improve your hub content.

    I am really new in here So I took it as from some Hub Pages staff. So I sent a reply. Next I got this one-

    I'm going to sed you an invite to join another site in which you can benefit in 5 ways.

    1) It is new and you get to become accepted as a ground floor member.
    2) it is a blogsite which gives you as many blogs as you want
    3) Alot of us HP writers are there and we are establishing a high value of links with our presence.
    4) It is far easier to gain an adsence account if you start a new application from them.  Your location may not be sucha problem.
    5) If you accept the invitation via the link I send you. then you come into my stable of writers who are already established.

    So follow the invite that I will send you soon and open a blog subject... make a post on it (with the idea that you will make regular posts) and once you have done that then make your application to Adsence and to Amazon.  But don't post duplicate content or copies of your hubs, but you can refer traffic to your HP account - which will help your Hp Reputation improve.

    Email me back, if you agree.

    I now have got the link to that website? Please advice me if this thing can anyway increase my chances of adsense approval by any means..
    Thanks a lot

    1. Lady_E profile image74
      Lady_Eposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      There is no Hanky Panky with Google Adsense.
      It's a direct application to
      (No Hubber or other website involved)

      If they have refused your Application, you could either ask them why directly or maybe write a few more Hubs with good content.  Your Hubs seem okay, maybe change the topics a bit. I notice most of them are animal related. (Just a suggestion)

      I wish you Good luck for when next you apply. smile