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Do Hubpages Use SEO Friendly Re-Directs When They Make Your Hub an 'Ediitor's Ch

  1. electronician profile image82
    electronicianposted 4 years ago

    Do Hubpages Use SEO Friendly Re-Directs When They Make Your Hub an 'Ediitor's Choice'

    I finally got my fifth editor choice hub this morning, and I was disappointed to see that it reset the counter on the facebook likes button back to zero. Given that shares and likes affect search engine rankings I was wondering if anybody knows whether Hubpages use seo-friendly re-directs and whether this allows for the retention of any positive impact from shares and likes you get when the hub is on your own sub-domain?

  2. itknol profile image82
    itknolposted 4 years ago

    Hubs get 'featured' by adding them to topic-oriented pages on HubPages.com with a link back to the hub in question. Whether they track clicks-throughs or not, I assure you redirects are not involved.

    There are only two (legal) reasons someone would use redirects on the Web - for handling a temporary moved location (a.k.a. 302 redirect) and for permanently moved location (a.k.a. 301 redirect). Anyway, back on topic...

    The Facebook button shares count change you have noticed is caused by FB changing their button script or overall API. Not once have I observed changes in the Like button count... like a couple over a month, both varying greatly from each other.

    As for the sub-domain question - simply put, Google loves ranking at the top sites with well organized content because it provides positive user experience (bet you this is something you won't hear at a SEO "conference"). Using sub-domains as a site-wide method for breaking down the topic of a site (HubPages in that case) and using properly H1, H2, H3, etc. headline structure in page context is one of the rules of thumb for well organized content. I assume this doesn't make things 100% clear, but hey - what I am supposed to do with just 1282 characters more smile

    To break it down - the folks administering this great site have done their SEO job in an excellent manner. The capsules for each hub are also meant to rise the SEO score of your content, so just sit back, relax and publish making use of all those great capsules. And avoid using nofollow when citing sources on your articles.

    1. electronician profile image82
      electronicianposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I mean redirects from the original url of the specific page to the new url, not from the main site to your page when people click through.

  3. YourRank profile image67
    YourRankposted 4 years ago

    First of all congrats @electronician for your five featured editor choice hubs. HubPages is following a lot of SEO tactics for making the contents SE friendly. I don't think the URLs of editor choice hubs gets any redirection. The same URL continues but the more exposure places it on different places.