Do you know Pinterest is better social networking site than Facebook for e-comme

  1. falconboy profile image60
    falconboyposted 4 years ago

    Do you know Pinterest is better social networking site than Facebook for e-commerce website owners?

    The question is about PInterest and Facebook, Can you define that the Pinterest is better Social Networking website for  Ecommerce website owner? If you think is its right then how? Please give your idea, Do you think is Facebook is considered to be the best way for any upcoming e-commerce websites to promote their business and products.  it is believed that photo-sharing social platform Pinterest has started climbing up the popularity ladder and giving stiff competition to Facebook and even Twitter as far as advertising for e-commerce products and websites is concerned.

  2. sallybea profile image97
    sallybeaposted 4 years ago

    falconboy - Pinterest has worked very well for me.  I never use Facebook. I prefer to save my facebook pages exclusively for my friends and family.

    When twitter recently stopped Hubpages hubs from being shown there, I noticed a definite decrease in traffic to my Pages here.

    A recent hub of mine has received over 720 views over a short period of time but it has been pinned over 230 times by people on Pinterest.  It is currently my highest scoring Hub and I think this is due partly to Pinterest.   i really think that the success you have there will depend very much on the subject you intend to write about..

    I rate twitter pretty high up there and I do regularly tweet my Hubs.