Have you ever actively chosen to publishing a hub that HubPages doesn't want?

  1. Easy Exercise profile image85
    Easy Exerciseposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever actively chosen to publishing a hub that HubPages doesn't want?

    I know HubPages doesn't like any article that has the words abdominal exercise. Yet one of my hubs was about preventing pain during abdominal crunches and I felt strongly the article needed to be addressed completely. I feel this article will still be ostracized but I felt this information needed to be presented. Have you ever actively chosen to write an article you know is not wanted by HubPages? If so, what was the subject and why did you choose to put in the effort?

  2. tsmog profile image78
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    [Insert Industry Standard view and opinion disclaimer here] 

    I can answer yes, while adding the articles are no longer published. Why, was seeking change with information. Next, of whom is Hubpages - the community(s), the administration inclusive of the TOS, the internet readership, the specific audience of intent, or any combination?

    I wrote articles addressing an industry and a business environment, of which I choose "now" not to be specific. I wrote regarding social psychology, mental health wellness, business principals and themes, and of the individual with an autoethnographical lean and perspectives of inspiration, cause, action, effect, and affect.

    The audience received it well as indicated by Google Analytics with where the article was read, when, how long on each article, and the count. Yet, the comments, which were from the readership, were of the lean the subject was about HP in general - community(s) and/or administration, and were not the best comments. Perceptions with words offered inference of meaning with the chosen topics, which became misdirected.

    The articles did not violate administrative rules. They did seem to offend some community(s) ideals and standards. The article themes received sociological actions of mores and folkways to adjust the perceived behavior with the articles.

    Consider the community of elect are those I followed and followed me here at HP and too elsewhere. I left the articles up until their usefulness were diminished with the specific audience, which was entirely outside the HP community, while ignoring the readership of the community(s), until they were deleted.

    Those articles are today at times used with specific places of business and education for training or learning purposes still serving its original purpose. Yet, they do not have the luxury of interactive media - imagery, videos, and etc. enhancing context to emphasize the article's content development or choice with supplemental aids - tables, polls, and quizzes, for a purposeful theme. In other words they are now just copied handouts.

    The social interaction of authoring with writing & then publishing will tend always to be a process of social exchange. The audience & the readership at times are the same & at times are not, yet learning does occur. Even when the statement is made "I did not  learn anything from such & such article, the truth is learning did occur. Certainly they learned 'they did not learn', which may possibly be a paradox.


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