Is it wrong of me(24yrs) to consider this as a hobby or job.

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    Phaylenposted 3 years ago

    Is it wrong of me(24yrs) to consider this as a hobby or job.

    I'm new. As you probably can already tell. If I did go all out with  this, I'd write shout personal experiences. I've lived my life by the motto "never live with regrets" let me tell you, it's gotten me to sum pretty far places.  I've really learned a lot about myself & my limits.

    So again any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.  Hope to hear from some of you.

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    Daniel Gottlobposted 3 years ago

    Mainly what I offer is some caution. If this is truly just a hobby and you are not looking for income then I don't think there is any issue with wanting to write and be heard at 24 or really any age as long as you are respectful with your content. It is really about what you want out of it. However, if you want to think of this as a job then you need to treat it as one. Be deliberate in your efforts and set goals and targets. Learn from those that are successful at online blogging and gain a good understanding of AdSense, SEO, and hone your skills so you produce content others want to read and draw traffic in general. Lastly, it can take a lot of  front end effort and the monetary piece follows on the back end if it comes at all so please do not plan on depending on this until you have proven income and consistency from your efforts.

    ~Fellow 20 something who has unsuccessfully tried to make money writing online with other platforms. However, I must note that I was not willing to make it a priority and lacked the natural talent others have with writing. However, I still enjoy it as a hobby and use it as a way to write better and more coherently convey information and thoughts. I am really just jumping back into it after some time away from it myself. Good luck to you in your endeavors!