What do you recommend to a new blogger?

  1. sskyperkins profile image60
    sskyperkinsposted 2 years ago

    What do you recommend to a new blogger?

    I have just recently begun blogging, I have always enjoyed putting my thoughts on paper so I thought I'd put those thoughts online. I'm curious to know how to be a better blogger, what have you learned through your time blogging?

  2. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 2 years ago

    HubPages isn't a blogging site, it is more for writing articles that are media rich.  If you want to start a blog and just try it out you can also write on blogger.  With any form of writing I suggest daily practice, setting some routines and getting a thick skin when it comes to critique because that is how you improve. 

    Anyone can slap on the title of writer or blogger; that doesn't make it true wink.  That is why many give up before they take the necessary amount of time and effort to really get good at it. 

    Practice, practice, practice - then practice some more.  I've been writing online for 15 years now in various venues and I find I am always improving.  I will read stuff I wrote a year ago and cringe - there are no experts smile.  If you can accept the fact that what you write now will suck compared to what you can do a year from now, and then another year from then - and you still want to go for it; then you are indeed a good blogger in the making smile

    Beyond that, read and learn from other bloggers and writers.  Use tutorials, read books, try new things and always push yourself.  If you do that and are dedicated, then truly time and experience will make you a fantastic blogger (or whatever kind of writer you choose to be)