How will I earn money

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    rameez10posted 2 years ago

    How will I earn money

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    Matthew Meyerposted 2 years ago

    Here's an overview of earning on HubPages:

        You publish high quality Hubs
        You sign up with our monetization partners
        People view those Hubs and occasionally click on ads
        You earn a percentage of the revenue generated by those ads (and HubPages earns some to keep the site running)
        (Your share of impressions
        Your earnings accrue until you reach HubPages' and or affiliate programs' payout thresholds
        You receive your earnings

    You can find more detailed information about the different earning programs in the Learning Center. See the "How to Make Money on HubPages" section. … am-and-ads … te-account … er-network
    There are several earning programs available. Most require a valid and approved Google AdSense account.
    At current time it appears that Google expects account to be 1 month or older and have 15-20 featured Hubs before they will approve an application.So continue to create Hubs and once you have those featured Hubs, you can apply for an AdSense account.