Mistakenly set up 2 of same pgs & deleted one-problem

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    Teri Roseposted 9 years ago


    Being brand new, I got a little flustered and thought my page I had set up was gone when I couldn't find it.  I started over and later discovered the first one was listed along with the 2nd one that was more complete at that point.  I deleted the first one.

    Today I opened up the remaining one and copied the url (I had used the same name thinking the first one didn't exist.) http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Secret-Behi … in-an-NDE-  When I put the url in my address bar to look at the site, it gives me an error and within hubpages it said the page no longer exists.  The number has risen since yesterday when I published it and it is there when I log in.  How do I find the url for that hub (the one I did not delete) if it's not what shows up in my address bar when the page is open?

    Thanks again for any help.


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    HubPagesposted 9 years ago

    Another author has had the same problem.

    Note that your correct URL has a hyphen at the end. This is because your title, as entered, might have had a period, comma, or space at the end of it.

    Lots of programs, like email and word processing programs, have trouble with a final hyphen so they ignore it. It might accidentally get rendered as:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Secret-Behi … -in-an-NDE

    That looks like a dead page. Add a hyphen and reload, and voila!