What is the purpose of Hubpro Basic? Make the article as stupidly generic as pos

  1. Ilonagarden profile image85
    Ilonagardenposted 2 years ago

    What is the purpose of Hubpro Basic? Make the article as stupidly generic as possible?

    I had my most popular hub put into the Hubpro Basic edits. I was willing to see what the results were ( not that I had a choice), but I am angry that it is no longer recognizably my own writing. It sounds like some generic article written for any mediocre women's magazine. Is this the purpose? You can tell, I'm angry that instead of "edited", it is being rewritten and all personality drained from it.

  2. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    What you have stated is so true.  They all but ruined my great article on Scorpio.  LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE!

  3. Annsalo profile image85
    Annsaloposted 2 years ago

    On one of my other accounts I went through Hubpro basic and they didn't change any of my writing other than to fix grammar and over done keywords. I'm sorry you've had a crappy experience. I think many have. I was fortunate. The article they picked of mine was something very personal for me. I was very worried they would take my message and distort it. Thankfully they did not.
    However you are aware you can opt out right? You do have a choice. Just go to "edit profile" then click on the tab that says account settings. Once there you will see an option at the bottom to opt out. You can change that setting once every 60 days.
    I hope you can change it back easily. Do you keep copies of your articles in places like Word? If you do hopefully you can go back and fix it the way you want it easily. I think they mean well, but for many it's turned into a giant mess!