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How do you edit hubs with edit bots?

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    louise-barracoposted 2 years ago

    How do you edit hubs with edit bots?

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    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    With my Hub Scores I finally realized using an online editing service may be good choice. An editing service offered me the ability to learn through trial and error while point to where to learn with online research. Or, I can learn on the fly instead of in a school semester length format.

    I use Hemmingway Editor and recently ProWritingAid. Both use bots to assess the written work. Eventually I downloaded their paid-for apps. They both are inexpensive. The first is a desktop app and the latter is a plugin for Word.

    I started with Hemmingway with first rough drafts. I just got ProWritingAId and am learning to navigate it. Its is a little more complex, but is more complete. With Hemmingway I copy/paste from my Word document. It provides the results for:

    Note - [In brackets is the assessment for this post through the last paragraph explaining Hemmingway]

    ** Readability - Reading level [Grade 8]
    ** Sentences hard to read (I have discovered at times that is my English Usage with sentence structure, so a good teaching tool) [3 of 17 Sentences]
    ** Sentences very hard to read [1 of 17 Sentences - It is these bullet points]
    ** Phrase with a simpler alternative [4]
    ** Adverb usage (It tells a maximum to have in the document) [2]
    ** Passive voice (Also, telling a maximum for aiming for less) [2]
    ** Points out where a shorter word can be used with alternative choices [3 are highlighted]
    ** Spelling [I misspelled Hemmingway Ha - Ha & it pointed out suggestions like copy/paste]

    It is cool in that it highlights in different colors the areas to focus on to improve. It has a panel on the right showing a count for those error/suggestion types. I work at eliminating errors following that panel using the highlights. It has been a good teaching tool for me because I really have not a formal background with English language usage. [That sentence is a hard to read sentence]

    Note - Following not edited

    With ProWritingAid I suggest give the Free Online Trial a try. The plug-in will provide 22 reports for language usage. You can do a full analysis or each alone. There is a map for sentence structure at the left. When running the full report it tells how many times something occurs. When using the individual report it will highlight the focus in the work and on the map.

    For instance through the last paragraph the most error / suggestions was for 'Vague & Abstract Words'. There were six vague words and 1 abstract. I looked at them and some are due to my style.

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      louise-barracoposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks that helps

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    peachpurpleposted 2 years ago

    just go to the unfeatured hub, press edit, remove the broken links, add in new pictures and 2 sentences, press done