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Do you have a mantra for living life?

  1. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 23 months ago

    Do you have a mantra for living life?

    I have a mantra that goes No Pressure . . . have fun, fun, fun . . . as best as can be. What about you today - yesterday - tomorrow?

  2. Kitsune87 profile image76
    Kitsune87posted 23 months ago

    I think Dory said it best, "Just Keep Swimming!"

    I admit, I have different Mantras for all kinds of stuff I do, from writing novels, to, er, dealing with people on FPS matches and insane questing in RPG's. But Dory's line still fits better above all else.

  3. aidenw profile image65
    aidenwposted 23 months ago

    I have 2 favorite mantras: "Life is magical" and "Celebrate Life!"

  4. Ann810 profile image80
    Ann810posted 23 months ago

    Mine is "I am a new woman in Christ, so act like it." It actually works for a bad habit that I'm in the process of decreasing gradually. It took time to develop that negative habit, and part of renewing my mind is talking to myself.