Has anyone get approved easily by Adsense?

  1. zinco profile image74
    zincoposted 23 months ago

    Has anyone get approved easily by Adsense?

    I know this question sounds cliche. but I just wanna ask this again because I can't catch up all the threads on Hubpages Q&A. I only have 2 featured Hubs as of the moment. I tried applying for Adsense but unfortunately it was denied. I just recently joined here (7 weeks). Any advice?

  2. Annsalo profile image86
    Annsaloposted 23 months ago

    Wait at least 3 months before applying. Have at least 10 featured hubs. Then your chances of being approved will go up!
    Now I am not saying people can't get approved with less, but you are asking how to do it easily.
    The easiest way is to wait.
    I waited and was approved on first try.