looking for knowledgable answer - not net' surfing consensus

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    Appletreedealsposted 8 years ago

    Pardon the long post... but allow me to vent

    Looking for an answer about checking backlinks

    How can I find out what backlinks a hub or web page has?


    I have 'Googled' backlink checkers - tried 4 or 5
    I have SEOBook Firefox add-on - tried it
    I have read most hubs I could find about backlinks
    I have followed forum threads about backlinks
    I have done Google and Yahoo "link:http web url thingie
    I have Googled question: "How do I check backlinks" - surfed
      till I got frustrated

    results for a Hub that I have:
    book marked on 8 sites like snipsly, reddit, xomba, etc.
    linked to from 3 of my blogs
    linked to from 3 of my web sites
    linked to from twitter, facebook, myspace
    linked to from about 4 other of my related hubs
    linked to from 3 Squidoo lens
    linked to from 2 eZine articles
    linked 2 from 2 AC articles
    linked to from 1 eHow article

    As far as I know, all the above are do-follow links
    so that's approx. 30 backlinks
    even discounting bookmarks that should be at least 18 or 19 findable backlinks

    hub is in list of "related hubs" sidebar on approx. 90 other
        hubpages hubs

    and the results of this effort ...
    wait! wait, I forgot to mention, the above efforts are weeks, (some, months) old, I mean I wasn't expecting a 5 minute turn-around

    Ok - drum roll ... tada!

    results from the above efforts to check backlinks:
    Google link: web url = 3 backlinks,
    2 from bookmarks,
    1 RSS feed

    Yahoo link:http web url = 96 backlinks,
    92 from the hubpages "related hubs" sidebar thingie
    2 from Alexa search results
    2 from bookmarks

    yada... yada... yada...

    All other efforts yielded similar strange results, i.e.
    only a few links from 3 - 5 different sources depending on which backlink checker I was using

    ps.. some of the links I placed were from sites as high as a PR8, but most were PR4 and up

    So now that I vented all that, I guess the real question is: "Am I just too dense to be allowed a "keyboard Operator's License", or is there really a way to find a page's backlinks and it's a fraternity secret that I'm not allowed to know?

    I mean Geez! if I place a do-follow backlink on a PR6-8 site, (even if it is a bookmark like reddit), shouldn't it show up somewhere?

    where the hell are my backlinks!

    It's a bummer to spend hours, yes you know the accumulated 5 to 10 minutes at each site does add up to hours, and then wait a few days, (or more), and then never seem to get any page benefit from the effort.

    Come on you veterans and SEO gurus - teach me the secret handshake.