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    Kind Regardsposted 8 years ago

    This isn't a problem, nor do I hope it ever will be and I'm only suggesting things don't change in this regard.

    I was browsing through Help to see if it had changed at all since the last time I read it and in the first section, it talks about Browsers.  For instance, I use Firefox and HubPages will support "Firefox 1.5" and up.  I use Firefox

    Good!  Whew...

    Because the other day, I went to MySpace (not much of a user of MySpace, but I check in there once in a blue moon) and I couldn't even get in.  It had upgraded to the point where it was way beyond my computer.

    I do have an older vintage Apple and I have no intention of parting with it.  It suits my needs.

    So, HubPages, you can upgrade all you want, but don't forget us folks who want to stay with the systems we have!  Keep those low-number versions of browser support.

    Thank you.