Do you get spammers contacting you through Hubpages?

  1. KristianHowe profile image95
    KristianHoweposted 8 months ago

    Do you get spammers contacting you through Hubpages?

    I have recently been contacted with regards to one of my articles, essentially wanting to set up a deal for me to promote a product for them. Obviously this sounds like a really good opportunity, but I am always cautious with these things!

    The e-mail seems a bit suspicious. Is it common that you guys get contacted by potential spammers with offers like these?

    My first thought is to contact the company directly to verify it, but I won't waste my time if it is a common thing!

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 8 months ago

    Very rarely contacted, half the time they are scams.
    I've sometimes been contacted regarding a Hub, expecting it to be a request for my technical writing services, and it turns out they are selling something. Or they read a technical article I wrote and want leads on who to sell to, which I cannot do.
    I'm occasionally asked to do book reviews, but that is legitimate since I have done a number of them on Hubpages.