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What are your thoughts on "Shout-Out" Hubs?

  1. Jeremy Gill profile image98
    Jeremy Gillposted 7 months ago

    What are your thoughts on "Shout-Out" Hubs?

    Shout-Out Hubs are what I call articles that primarily exist to thank followers, fans, and friends for their support on HubPages. What are your thoughts of these? Are they simply nice gestures, or are they against the spirit of Hubs, which are supposed to be more informative than personal?

  2. Diana Lee profile image83
    Diana Leeposted 7 months ago

    I have yet to write one or read one. Thank yous never hurt, but that's what comment capsules and fan mail are for. I write my fair share of personal hubs, mainly to help others to avoid the same mistakes I have made. I also enjoy reading articles done in the first person.

    1. Jeremy Gill profile image98
      Jeremy Gillposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      My thoughts exactly, there are better ways for showing gratitude on HP. I always get taken back when I see a successful Hubber write an entire article that's just a list of Hubbers they happen to know.

  3. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 7 months ago

    I think they are pretty well pointless because they would never get featured and therefore no one would see them. You would be better off thanking your fans on your profile page using the "about me" section.

    1. Jeremy Gill profile image98
      Jeremy Gillposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Agreed, I don't plan on ever making one. They're sweet but just don't have much to offer most people because of how personalized they are.

  4. tsmog profile image84
    tsmogposted 7 months ago

    They are viable. I have read articles written by Hubbers reviewing their personal experience like with an anniversary, e.g. Six Years on HubPages. The only thing 'HubPages' frowns on are articles that violate the Terms of Service. But,  Google frowns on all kind of stuff. I can see a Hub in the nature you are suggesting becoming featured. But, of course as far as getting views I would expect internal views is the main source. That would have an initial boost then flounder I would suspect. How to make it a niche topic for Google may take a little strategy.

    There is a category; HubPages Tutorials and Community. Choosing that for any article about HP works. Or, there are sutopics to aim at. One is HubPages, the Community where it may fit. In that subtopic is a subtopic 'Favorite Hubbers' where a shoutout for people will work. There is another one 'Spreading HubLove' that may be open doors for a variety of shout out style articles.

    Under the Main Topic 'HubPages Tutorials and Community' these are the subtopics with there are other subtopics to explore.

    Getting Traffic for Your Hubs
    Help for New Hubbers
    How to Improve Hubs
    Hub Statistics and Metrics
    HubPages Affiliate Programs
    HubPages, the Community
    Hubs about Hubs
    HubTool Tutorials
    Making Money on HubPages
    Managing Your HubPages Account
    Official HubPages Help
    Overview of HubPages
    Squidoo Community
    Troubleshooting and Technical Tips for Your Hub

    A personal view and experience. In my six plus years period here I once wrote many articles about Hubbing. I wrote about subjects and not particularly about people. My main intent was to provide helpful information and be supportive to the community. The other was I wanted something to write about when my pool was running dry for topics. I used it to practice, practice, and practice with especially using editing software. They all were featured but life expectancy for views was limited.

    1. Jeremy Gill profile image98
      Jeremy Gillposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks Tim. I've seen some prominent Hubbers employ these, and it always surprises me a bit that they're featured. Makes me wonder if a Shout-Out Hub about non-Hubbers would be less favored by HP (though I have no intention of making one).