What is a Niche Site?

  1. Violets3 profile image78
    Violets3posted 7 months ago

    What is a Niche Site?

    What is it and how would one go about finding and publishing their articles there? I've heard this "niche site" mentioned a couple of times...but I have no clue what they're really talking about.
    Thorough explanation would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    (hope I put this question in the right category)


  2. tomsmithnow profile image87
    tomsmithnowposted 7 months ago

    Some people refer to a "niche site", but it is really vertical network sites for HubPages. Only the highest quality articles are selected for these new vertical sites. Some times, HubPages moves articles over to the sites automatically for you, but you also have the option of submitting an article yourself at the top of the articles, by clicking on that tab, for consideration to the vertical sites about every 14 days. There are different topics for their different sites. You can see all the different vertical sites on HubPages home page where you sign in.