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Where Can I Find My Adsense Code?

  1. Daniel Mollat profile image98
    Daniel Mollatposted 2 months ago

    I just got this email message from Adsense:

    "We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below

    Domain ownership: To complete the AdSense approval process, you need to connect your site to AdSense. It’s so we can confirm you're the owner of the site and that your site meets the AdSense policies. To connect your site https://hubpages.com/@danielmollat, copy the code from your AdSense homepage and paste it into the HTML of your site right after the  tag. Make sure to place the code on a page that receives traffic."

    Where do I find the code referred to? I went to my Adsense account and I can't find the code anywhere.

    Please help,

    1. Matt Wells profile image
      Matt Wellsposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Hello Daniel,

      This happens when Hubbers sign up directly through AdSense instead of HubPages. I suggest closing your current AdSense account and applying for a new one directly through HubPages here: https://hubpages.com/my/earnings/affiliate/

      If you have more questions, please contact team@hubpages.com.

  2. Glenn Stok profile image98
    Glenn Stokposted 2 months ago

    That HTML code is only for people who have their own site. It's different with HubPages, as outlined in the instructions I sent you last time in the learning center.

    Are you sure you're not confusing your two accounts again? I thought you said you saw revenue appearing already in you AdSense. That means your account is active.

    That email you got may have been in reference to you other AdSense. This is why I mentioned the other day to cancel the unused account so you no longer get confused. In addition, you will save yourself from losing both accounts in case they figure out that you have two AdSense, which is against their TOS.

  3. Daniel Mollat profile image98
    Daniel Mollatposted 2 months ago

    My earnings page is showing a daily increase in my income and the source appears to be only from the Ad Program. Adsense doesn't even come up on the drop-down menu of income sources. I'm showing zero income from Amazon and eBay. What does all these mean?

  4. DrMark1961 profile image100
    DrMark1961posted 2 months ago

    Daniel, go to Google and open up your adsense account. Go to "settings", then "account", then "account information" (just below "personal settings"). That number that is at the top of the screen, pub id, is your google adsense account number.
    As Glenn and Matt pointed out, you really do not need to mess with HTML. All you have to do is open up your account page, then go to earnings, then go to settings. Since you are already earning some in the HP ad program, you already have Google Adsense (otherwise you would not be earning in HP´s program either-the HP program does not work if you do not have an adsense account). The third line down should show your Google adsense affiliate code. If it does not, click "configure" and enter that code from the Google adsense account page.
    I do not think you will need to do this since you are already earning. The best thing you can do for now is check on it but leave it alone and concentrate on writing and publishing some articles. As TimeTraveler2 pointed out on another thread, it takes a long time to make good earnings here so at the beginning do not waste time on it. Just get some things published.
    Do not expect to earn much of anything from Amazon until you are getting thousands of page views per day. 0 is pretty normal. Ebay does not even function anymore on HP.

  5. Daniel Mollat profile image98
    Daniel Mollatposted 2 months ago

    Thanks very much, DrMark1961 for your detailed reply.

  6. Trihorus profile image88
    Trihorusposted 10 days ago

    I've had the similar issue and was asked to prove my domain ownership. I had all my other tabs closed down and I could only use the home tab on my Adsense account which had a violation prompt (likely about proving the domain ownership). I couldn't cancel my account and I even tried to get help from the HP team, but the issue couldn't be solved. Also, I had applied to the Adsense account via HubPages (like, from the earnings tab). After running out of options, I decided to just tick the box in the prompt which was asking me if I had solved the issues (which I clearly hadn't) and was told that Adsense would review my application. The next day I again got the same email that they couldn't approve my account since I had failed to prove my domain ownership (which I never can since I don't own HubPages). I visited my account and saw that the prompt had reappeared and I could not cancel my account or do anything but to tick that box again. Helpless, I ticked the box again and resubmitted my application. Today morning, I received a mail from Adsense that my account is now fully approved and I can put the ad code and ads would start showing up on my site a few hours later. I'm not sure what just happened, but I hope it helps. I'm myself so confused.