Y'all think they should say what's wrong with your article if not up?

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  1. Thomas Finney profile image65
    Thomas Finneyposted 12 months ago

    Few times my stuff has been declined and recently one has been ad disabled. No cursing, sexual images or talk, no violent or gory things either yet it's still been declined. I think they should start saying when hubs are unpublished or disabled why and how we can fix it.

  2. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 12 months ago

    You should have received and email when it failed quality assessment which gives some general reasons and a way to get help from the forums.

    1. Thomas Finney profile image65
      Thomas Finneyposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      I mean those I understand but sometimes when my thing is unpublished there is no reason. No sexual imagery or speech, no gory visuals or words, nothing offensive. A few people I've seen has said the same thing where they make alot of changes to their hubs but it doesn't help.

      1. psycheskinner profile image83
        psycheskinnerposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        If you don't get the reason from the email you post the link provided to the forum and we tell you.  99% of the time it is pretty obvious.

  3. Tony Okey profile image69
    Tony Okeyposted 12 months ago

    You mean the generic emails?

  4. Natalie Frank profile image95
    Natalie Frankposted 12 months ago

    I agree with you especially now that they have hired the extra editors.  I have only had a few hubs declined but two of them I just ended up deleting after editing 5 times each and the other two I also edited numerous times only to discover had I deleted the amazon capsule they would have been accepted (which is a separate issue).  I sent several emails to the team asking for feedback after the third exit on each which received no reply.  I have no problem editing my work - as a writer this is just part of the process - and I appreciate the helpful edits performed by the editors which help strengthen my articles.  But wasting a great deal of time playing hit or miss with editing when no feedback is given does not encourage writers, especially new writers just joining HP, to stay with it.

    1. Thomas Finney profile image65
      Thomas Finneyposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      It would be helpful since it gives you reasons why it could be declined but doesn't say specifically why. I wrote an article about ten worst places to work and they said I copied it from someplace else, I took some information and the places but everything else was all my writing. They should help say more when declining a hub for a reason.

      1. theraggededge profile image97
        theraggededgeposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        You shouldn't take ANY information and publish it as your own. You must make it clear that it's a quote. Rewriting someone else's article also counts as plagiarism. If you are inspired to write about the same topic, then close that webpage and write it from your perspective, not someone else's.

        The editors review hundreds and hundreds of hubs everyday. There's no way they have the time to offer individual critiques or reasons why a hub is unacceptable. I look at a lot of hubs here, and it can take 20-30 minutes to give a detailed response.

        If you are aware of the requirements before you start writing, it will give you a head start. Having several hubs rejected means you are doing something wrong. Go back to the Learning Center and start again.

        https://hubpageshelp.com/standards/Lear … iting-Tips
        https://hubpageshelp.com/content/Learni … tellar-Hub
        https://hubpageshelp.com/standards/Lear … tured-Hubs

        1. Thomas Finney profile image65
          Thomas Finneyposted 12 months agoin reply to this

          That is what I did, I made it clear that some information was took off other sites. You can't just make an article about something without knowing any information, I looked it up on multiple sites and only took the reasons for why they are terrible, about 97% of the work is my own, I made it clear that it isn't all my work.

  5. Lisa Jane39 profile image84
    Lisa Jane39posted 12 months ago

    After editing an article for a couple of weeks, I messaged the editor and asked them. They got back to me and apologized for that saying that the system dubbed it a duplicate and they did publish it. Maybe you should message the editor and see what they say.

  6. Tony Okey profile image69
    Tony Okeyposted 12 months ago

    I once wrote a piece, "10 reasons why you may quit or lose youy job soon" and it was rejected 3 or 4 times. That actually pissed me off given that the article was completely original (not sourced), but they rejected it either way.

    But it later got featured when I decided to rewrite the whole article, from title to conclusion.

    Sometimes you just have to rephrase the whole thing.


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