Parentheses are everyone's friend

  1. Jessie L Watson profile image95
    Jessie L Watsonposted 2 months ago

    I've developed a new writing habit that I think might benefit everyone. My subject matter is often very technical, so, I have to use language that helps everyone follow along without too many quizzical pauses. I think we all know deep down which words and terminology are going over our reader's heads.

    Having said that, I still have an attachment to my own style but I compromise by inserting descriptive phrases or short sentences in parentheses directly following a complicated term. I can maintain a steady flow of writing with the language I'm used to while simultaneously teaching someone a new word. If I simply replace terms with apples and oranges then it dilutes the richness of my content and no one learns anything.

    This might seem trivial to some but I think it's a healthy habit for fellow educators.

  2. Venkatachari M profile image43
    Venkatachari Mposted 2 months ago

    True, it's a good thing. Using your own style with occasional explanations of the new words (within brackets or in any other format) is a good presentation of any blog or article. I also follow this method in most of my blog posts. I use some peculiar words of my own and explain them with phrases put within brackets. But, at HP it is not possible as the Grammarly doesn't allow all words.

    1. Jessie L Watson profile image95
      Jessie L Watsonposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Agreed! Thanks for sharing.