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While I am still new, i ask for everyone's help

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    LadyKrim01posted 4 years ago

    It's not a normal cry for help, however, I have been searching on many sites today to help a question I can't find an answer to.

    For the past 3 months I hadn't dreamed. Remembered nothing, no details, nothing. I had been going through some things but I come to find out (and here's where things get interesting) a close friend, someone whom lives 5 hours away, we met once and haven't stopped talking for 2 years now, also didn't dream for the past 3 months.

    What would cause both people to stop dreaming at the same time, then start again? Those 3 months we didn't talk, we thought and worried for one another in that time on top of life stressors.

    I hope this gives enough info to anyone out there than can help explain this for us.

    1. Jason Marovich profile image89
      Jason Marovichposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It's unlikely you haven't dreamed.  Long periods without REM sleep result in paranoia, so you'd likely need a doctor by now if you hadn't entered dream-state sleep.  We go through three stages of non-REM sleep before we get to REM, but when we leave REM stage we go back through the non-REM stages to wakefulness.  It's possible you weren't awakened from stage 4 (REM) sleep in three months and therefore didn't remember dreaming.

      I take from your post that you are looking for some otherworldly connection between you and your friend.  I wouldn't conclude that this biological function you both share has been disrupted somehow by a unearthly force.  It is certainly possible that it is a coincidence.

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        Beth37posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        I thought this was spam... are we giving real answers?

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          Jason Marovichposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Posted in the wrong place, perhaps, but not spammier than many topics in these forums big_smile

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            Beth37posted 4 years agoin reply to this

            There's so little I know.

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          LadyKrim01posted 4 years agoin reply to this

          I didn't mean to post in the wrong area. My mistake, I was legitimately looking for an honest view, reasoning, something.

    2. CroftRoan profile image82
      CroftRoanposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It's most likely you were dreaming during that time but most dreams are forgotten as soon as you wake up. Stress, poor diet/lack of exercise among other things can change your sleep habits. If you have had too much caffeine and then suddenly went cold turkey that could also be a factor. I've had that happen during the end of my freshman year of college. I'm all for looking into the other worldly for some explanations but chances are you and your friend just need to get back on a healthier regimen.
      You also didn't give us enough to work with to get a metaphysical answer. What kind of relationship did you and your friend have? Do either of you have any  involvement in supernatural/spiritual arts? Have either of you had any other major changes in your lives other than not talking to each other? Give us a little more to work with and we might be able to tell you more than just "stop drinking coffee before bed".

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        LadyKrim01posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Well Croft, I had gotten into a bad relationship. Abusive, amongst all negative things with that person. I wasn't able to write my friend from my ex being controlling and extremely jealous and just...yeah.

        My friend and I have a deep connection, it's strange to most but it's because we know and understand one another. We believe in other worldly things, and when we stopped talking she could feel something was wrong so she would try to send her thoughts and energy my way. And each waking moment I could feel her, think of her. We were obviously both stressed and missing each other but I exercise each day, I don't drink coffee or pop just tea and chamomile tea before sleep. I don't do drugs, I just smoke cigarettes.

        Does that help?

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    LongTimeMotherposted 4 years ago

    I have no idea why you both stopped dreaming at the same time. I am aware, however, of a young woman who stopped dreaming (always having been a regular dreamer) and was diagnosed soon after with MS. Don't know how common it is, but she was told the absence of dreams was one of her symptoms. I certainly don't want to alarm you, but it might be worthwhile considering if an absence of dreams is uncommon for you.

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    NateB11posted 4 years ago

    All consciousness is connected; somehow the two of you have a rather direct connection. Dreaming is just thinking. When all thought is followed through to the end due to complete awareness and resolution during the waking hours, then there is no left-over thought during sleeping and so no dreaming. Then you get true rest.

  4. Marie Flint profile image89
    Marie Flintposted 4 years ago

    I believe that you didn't stop dreaming at all--you both just stopped remembering your dreams. It sounds more than a coincidence, however, that both of your lack of remembrances and remembering again occurred simultaneously. Because you were both undergoing life stressors and worrying about each other, your dream states were probably involved with finding solutions for both your problems. And, during the three months, the two of you were able to find resolution. Now that both of you are more relaxed, your sleep states have apparently returned to more familiar cycles.

    We sometimes block out things we don't want to remember, and most dreams are forgotten unless one makes a conscientious effort to remember them. One way to do this is to keep a dream diary by the bedside and make an autosuggestion that, "When I have a dream, I will awake  and record it." Wanting to remember dreams does help retain a memory of them within a few minutes after waking.

    Above all, don't concern yourself about those past three months--what's important is that you are not feeling the stress that you had before. Be grateful that those stressors are resolved. Blessings!