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A noticeable change in the search engines regarding our hubs...

  1. jackclee lm profile image82
    jackclee lmposted 4 weeks ago

    Recently, I noticed a change in how our hubs are treated by the various search engines. It use to be hubpages would rank high in google searches compared to bing and yahoo...
    In recent days, one of my newly published hub, ranked number 1 in both bing and yahoo searches and yet does not even appear on google search??? That is odd.
    Does anyone else notice a drop in google referrals?
    It seems to me, we are trying so hard to get google to recognize us, such as creating these niche sites and yet we are doing worse than previously...at least in the search ranking category.

    By the way, my hub is “a tribute to rush limbaugh”. It was published a few days ago and featured.
    Yet, it appears no where on google search, but ranked number one in bing among 17,300,000 hits.

    1. jackclee lm profile image82
      jackclee lmposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      Here is screen shot...


  2. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 4 weeks ago

    No offense, but I doubt there are tons of searches being performed for a tribute to Rush Limbaugh.  I'd be more concerned if we were ranking poorly or not at all in Google for non-political, actual money making topics.  I see nothing to worry about yet traffic wise with my numbers.

  3. incomeguru profile image96
    incomeguruposted 4 weeks ago

    It's on Google search. Number 3 on page 1.


  4. lobobrandon profile image91
    lobobrandonposted 4 weeks ago

    It's not on a niche site, don't bother checking its rankings. Get it on a niche site then talk. Hubpages doesn't really rank anymore, that's the whole point of the niche sites.

    1. jackclee lm profile image82
      jackclee lmposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      Yes, but it used to rank very high..inexplicably...and this was also true while I was writing for Squidoo.
      The niche sites are not always good for search ranking. I have some hubs that are number 1 and some not show up...

  5. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 4 weeks ago

    Some hubpages "mothership" hubs rank just fine.

    1. jackclee lm profile image82
      jackclee lmposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      So what changed?

  6. Tinsky profile image96
    Tinskyposted 3 days ago

    Google has just completed another quality update on their algorithms.  Just reading an in depth discussion but it occured around March 8.  My daily traffic for Hubpages has jumped since that day by 25% to 50% based on the same time the previous month. Hopefully, this will continue. According to the article I'm reading, this is a good sign. I also interpret this as the team here at Hubpages steering the ship in the right direction!

    I don't really look at other search engine stats (so I can't comment on msn) as most of my traffic hails from google or social media. Having worked as a quality assessor in recent years, search engines appear to focus on the same things when it comes to improving results.

  7. harrynielsen profile image95
    harrynielsenposted 3 days ago

    My traffic is up for March. Maybe 20%.