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Increased Adsense payments?

  1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
    TIMETRAVELER2posted 11 days ago

    I switched back to the HP plan last month and assumed that Adsense would go back to paying very little daily.  However, the payments are not bad considering I'm not using that program now.  Anybody else seeing this?  In the past I'd have to wait almost a year  or more to make payout, but at this rate I'm likely to make it every month!  Nice surprise...as are the very high CPMs we're seeing right no.

    1. NateB11 profile image93
      NateB11posted 11 days agoin reply to this

      Yes, I've been seeing it for awhile.

  2. Shesabutterfly profile image96
    Shesabutterflyposted 11 days ago

    I've never used Adsense for more than a month at a time as I did not see good earnings. It took me 5 years to get a payout, but I also only experimented with it a few times in those 5 years. I just looked at my Adsense even though I'm not using it and it's paying more than I've ever seen (still less than a dollar), but it's not enough to make me want to make the switch and try it out again. At least not yet. I know Adsense is suppose to earn less when we're not using it, but for now I'm not ready to try it out again. I have done better in the last year on the HP program then I've ever done and am doing a little better so far this year and will probably stick with the HP program unless something drastic changes for either Adsense or HP.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 11 days agoin reply to this

      Oh yes...recently the HP program has really ramped itself up.  I can't believe   the CPMs and payouts I'm getting and have no desire to switch back to Adsense as long as this continues.  I will say, however, that for quite some time Adsense paid extremely well.  What I was referring to here was my surprise at seeing it pay far more than before.  Nice surprise!  Just wondered if anybody else was seeing this or if it's a temporary fluke,

  3. lobobrandon profile image90
    lobobrandonposted 10 days ago

    No changes on my account. Adsense is pretty much the same for months. I get a almost constant amount each day.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 10 days agoin reply to this

      No matter how I've used Adsense, I've never had the amounts be constant on a daily basis.  It's always been up and down...however before I changed out of the HP plan, payments were pretty low...in the high cents range.  Now they're much better, which has surprised me.  It's possible I'll even make payout this month...while still using only the HP plan.  Nice work if you can get it!

  4. JoannaBlackburn profile image86
    JoannaBlackburnposted 10 days ago

    I thought you had to activate Adsense?  I would like to try the HP plan, how do I do that?

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 10 days agoin reply to this

      You do have to activate it because otherwise you won't get paid!  However, you have to jump through a few hoops before they'll accept you.  For instance, you need to write at least 10 good articles that get featured and pass QAP before you even apply.  If you go into your Earnings and then go to Settings, you'll see where you can configure your HP and Adsense plans.  To use HP, you must have Adsense.  However, you can make Adsense your main form of income by simply turning it on once you've been approved by Google to use it.  I suggest you take a look at the earnings section in the learning center to get all the details of how this works.

      1. JoannaBlackburn profile image86
        JoannaBlackburnposted 10 days agoin reply to this

        Thank You.  That was a big help.