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  1. composed profile image63
    composedposted 14 years ago

    For those of you starting to or who have been experiencing success with Adsense, can you give some sort of earnings trajectory?

    Just curious how my experience as it stands matches up.  How has it grown over time?  From nothing to pennies a day to... to... ??

    Would love to hear how it has happened for people?

    1. Eng.M profile image64
      Eng.Mposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      well my face says that what I feel when I grow up and strength is given

      1. BaliMermaid profile image59
        BaliMermaidposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I believe that part of Google's Adsense policy states we are not really supposed to discuss publicly our earnings. Having said that I think I can give you some good "in general" information.

        The key is to finding a niche, a place that you fit for the hub pages you write, that also attracts a strong evergreen steady market.

        My ad sense earnings took 4 months to make it over the first payout amount. During that time I spent no where as much effort on hub pages as I do now. Currently I get ad sense money every month and while not all of that comes directly from Hub pages, every bit of it is a part of my efforts to attract traffic to my hub pages.

        Bottom line. You  should be able to make $500/mo or more if you write good content and spend the time and effort to drive traffic to your published hub pages. If you, or anyone else would like more information on doing that I would prefer to discuss each case separately. Any advice  offered would be  totally free of charge, just so no one thinks this is a commercial posting.

  2. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years ago

    I have been here for three weeks and am now doing more than $.50 most days. It isn't a lot, but it's growing day by day. Clicks increased, then eCPM increased, and I'm doing okay in Adsense.

    Trouble is that the important facts can't be discussed as per Adsense policy. The amount that someone is making isn't relevant: the eCPM is.

  3. profile image49
    badcompany99posted 14 years ago

    I have managed to buy 2 new ships with my earnings, tis like a dream come true.

    1. aniketgore profile image60
      aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this


    2. Lgali profile image58
      Lgaliposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      they are paper ship?

      1. profile image49
        badcompany99posted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Oh cheers for letting them all know, jeez my illusion and dreams are shattered yet again.

        1. profile image0
          girly_girl09posted 14 years agoin reply to this

          lol!!! too funny!

      2. Mayakanon profile image57
        Mayakanonposted 14 years agoin reply to this


  4. Lgali profile image58
    Lgaliposted 14 years ago

    I just bought the everest LOL

    Only 0.10 per day

  5. Uninvited Writer profile image82
    Uninvited Writerposted 14 years ago

    Most of us don't reach payout until we have been here at least 9 months. I'm closing in on my second payout after receiving one in December. So, it does pick up the longer you are here.

    1. Everyday Miracles profile image86
      Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I had about twelve dollars from the past in my account. I've steadily grown to about $26 at this point. I'm hoping that within the next five months or so I'll get a payout (including the $12 from my personal website I shut down).

      I had one fluke day since I've been here when I made over $4 on my forum. It isn't even open yet, so I have NO CLUE how that happened.

      When did you get your first payout, Susan? In other words, how long did it take you to get to your second payout?

      1. Uninvited Writer profile image82
        Uninvited Writerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I got paid in December and so it is 4 months since then.

        1. Everyday Miracles profile image86
          Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I am SO sorry for such an idiotic question! I have had a headache all day and I blame that on my lack of comprehension of the fact that THIS MONTH is not December! LOL!

          Thanks! Especially for not calling me an idiot!

  6. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 14 years ago

    Out of my 45 hubs, I only have 5 or 6 that are currently earning. (I've only been here for 10 days, so I'm hoping that my other hubs will begin to follow suit!) Out of the 5 hubs that are earning, one of them has earned about 85% of my earnings, thus far. I had a REALLY good day a few days ago (not a lot of money, but a lot considering I'm just starting), but yesterday, in total, I only earned about 1/5 of what I earned the day before.

    Hopefully all those numbers, percents and fractions can give you some I guess we're not allowed to discuss actual amounts.

  7. brawnydt profile image55
    brawnydtposted 14 years ago

    Well, I'm pretty new here, but it's not hard to make your hubs earn lots of cash with adsense. Just make sure your hub is about things that have high payouts with adsense.

    Put the high paying term in the title of your hub, and make sure its there a few more places and you should be making far far more than .10 a day.

  8. profile image49
    badcompany99posted 14 years ago

    I am similar to GG09, about 4 of mine are doing the earning but now I have it worked out I shall write to suit what earns, hmmm does that make sense ?

  9. Aya_Hajime profile image60
    Aya_Hajimeposted 14 years ago

    Lissie posted a really good earnings trajectory here:

  10. icewave5 profile image62
    icewave5posted 14 years ago

    I being here a long time about 9 days and still $ sure someone must of clicked it but probaly hubpages stole my earnings. 60% to me 40% to hubpages, i find that hard to believe.

    1. profile image0
      girly_girl09posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I am under the impression that you need a lot of hubs to generate anything. I only have 5 earning hubs out of my 46. And I just found out today that four of them are no longer coming up in google's search engine, for one reason or another. so basically I have one earning hub out of 46 in my first 10 takes time to build! smile write some more and wait a while for them to get indexed with google.

    2. Misha profile image64
      Mishaposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Nobody keeps you here

    3. Lissie profile image77
      Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      LOL - 9 months I might have some sympathy. Though I had a quick look and to be honest you may be in the same situation in 9months. I'd suggest that your topics aren't exactly commercial - the plight of Australia's indigenous population is bad - but there are no Adsense ads for it - even in Australia - maybe try to find  relevant book on Amazon?

      Illegal places to download software is probably against Adsense's TOS (Im not sure).
      I'd suggest you learn a bit of SEO and a lot of patience. Hubpages is entirely legit and you are getting 60% of your earnings its just that 60/100* 0 = 0

    4. charlemont profile image75
      charlemontposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      HP cannot "steal" earnings. It's in their primary interest to attract hubbers and inspire them to create valuable hubs.
      You can't really expect to start making some money within mere 9 days. It takes months and involves quite some work. If you're after "overnight wealth", then HP probably is not the best choice.
      A simple tip: when creating new hubs, make sure you give them URL and TITLE with same keywords. E.g. URL of one of your hubs reads "the-unkown-info" which is a big minus in the eyes of Google and AdSense.

    5. Inspirepub profile image71
      Inspirepubposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      9 days is NOT a long time!!! LOL ...


  11. bgpappa profile image78
    bgpappaposted 14 years ago

    Good response Misha.

    I haven't been here too long either, but it builds over time.  From nothing, to pennies a day to more.  Patience is key

    1. Curious Traveller profile image68
      Curious Travellerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      AdSense revenue should be viewed as an "additional" benefit. I have been using AdSense for two years on a number of sites around the Web which have very high traffic levels and am nowhere near the level of receiving a payout!

      Unfortunately, anyone looking to make a significant or even useful level of income from AdSense is in line for a very big disappointment.

      1. Lisa HW profile image64
        Lisa HWposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I have to disagree at least somewhat.  I know some people may, for some reason, not earn very well; but I know, too, there are people on here, including myself, who are earning at least a "useful level of income" (between the minimum $100 and on up through at least a few hundred dollars or more).  Even if people get that $100 every two or three months, I think that's a nice little extra thing.  One person said she was approaching $1000 a month before taking another job (or something like that).  From my limited experience with other sites that operate similarly as HubPages does, this is the best site I've run into when it comes to this particular type of earnings.  I sell articles and get paid for them on other sites, but this is the only site where I leave the articles to earn revenue share and earn anywhere near what I've earned here.  On another site, I make a fraction of what I do each month on here.  (With the other site, too, though, at least there's been a payout each month.)

        1. gr8archer45 profile image67
          gr8archer45posted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I can never understand how people manage to earn so much on adsense, I think the day when I'll be getting a payout, my kids will probably make use of the money since i'll be long dead!
          Its soo frustrating sad

          1. aniketgore profile image60
            aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            Dont get frustrated you will get traffic.

            Silver Rose It will be great if you share your exp with us by a hub.

      2. Lissie profile image77
        Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Nope you are doing something wrong - where is traffic coming from is it social or is targetted search engine traffic?

        Well Grizz made $3200 from one blog http://makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.c … ncome.html in February admitedly a very good one - where I come from that's a reasonable income...

        I just hit my first over $100 /month and most of that is from hubpages. Thats starting to become useful income

      3. Inspirepub profile image71
        Inspirepubposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I'm with Lissie on her comment - you are doing something wrong.

        I make much better eCPM on my own sites than I do at HubPages, and my Adsense income alone is certainly "useful" ($300 a month or so) - plus I have other forms of advertising, CPA offers, and affiliate promotions on my sites - all up it's averaging something like $1000 US dollars a month right now.

        Given that I haven't been able to work much over the past four months due to having two seriously ill family members, and the income has continued anyway, I'm giving it the "thumbs up" as an income source.

        Figure out what you're doing wrong, because if you have real traffic, you should be making real money.


        1. BristolBoy profile image66
          BristolBoyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I think it also depends on the source of the traffic.  If is widely known that traffic from search engines can be a lot more profitable than other sources of traffic.  For example, I have a blog which has a page which recieved about 1000 hits from Stumbleupon, however, there was not a single click.

        2. Lissie profile image77
          Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I'm so sorry Jenny - I hope things are better for you now.

          1. Inspirepub profile image71
            Inspirepubposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            Thanks Lissie - things are looking up. We think my husband is finally out of his three-month long migraine (cluster headaches are appalling), and our daughter seems to be on an upward trend (fingers crossed).


  12. Lisa HW profile image64
    Lisa HWposted 14 years ago

    Bear in mind that I've never been one to do much promoting, much paying attention to SEO, or to take advantage of a lot of the things Google offers - just because I write on here as a hobby and prefer to use my "hobby time" writing rather than doing the other kinds of stuff.  Anyway, while other people may see better earnings sooner (I don't know, although many have said it took them a while), it took me eight/nine months to start getting a monthly deposit.  Before that I may have had one - I'm starting to forget those details now.  Since then, there has generally been an increase (with the exception of two months, with one being a little less than others and one being the same).

    Although I'm guessing some people who put in more effort than I have may have their own earnings situations, I think it's safe to say many people have to wait a while before things really get moving.  Newer Hubbers should keep writing, but realize that it can take some time.  Having some very searchable, "nitty-gritty"-practical" Hubs can make a big difference.

    Lissie is absolutely correct - HubPages is totally "legit".  HubPages doesn't pay Hubber anyway.  Google does, and you can see exactly what's going on with your Hubs and earnings by looking at the right Google report.  I'm not earning "big bucks" at this point, but it is definitely a worthwhile amount; and now that I've learned a few things about the whole Internet business, I can see it turning into a "real" income within, maybe, six months or so from now.  The nice thing, though, is that your hobby can earn you a part-time income (and people don't usually abandon their hobbies very soon).

  13. youngmal365 profile image55
    youngmal365posted 14 years ago

    I just sign up for this and I just Posted my hubs. and I will see how I do with Google adsense. I know im just starting its been my 5day with google adsense and im making $5.98. Can anyone tell me how to improve my earnings. I have like 5 websites already

    1. Misha profile image64
      Mishaposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Use your great new way to make money online you are trying to spam forums with lol

      1. profile image49
        badcompany99posted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Never let a spammer with glasses into yer home, or a mormon, or a jehovas witness, or that redhead collecting for the church, oh that's right I did let her in, wonder when I will let her out : )

        1. Aya_Hajime profile image60
          Aya_Hajimeposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          lol - I don't know about that, there are some very cute Jehovah's Witnesses in my neighborhood. smile

    2. charlemont profile image75
      charlemontposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      In your profile pic you're showing a Google check, so I'm sure you know a lot more about making money with AdSense than most of us.

  14. lawretta profile image62
    lawrettaposted 14 years ago

    hi guys, adsense for me is the best my earnings grow faster there than in others.

  15. youngmal365 profile image55
    youngmal365posted 14 years ago

    Lol OMG. Well just do you. I dnt really care

  16. Will Apse profile image87
    Will Apseposted 14 years ago

    It takes a long time for a page to 'bed in' ie crawl up the google search index. I was lucky with my first page. I was researching something on cosmetic surgery and noticed that several million people had searched google for'surgery games". That was wierd enough to make me research that instead. The page got over a thousand visits in the first month.

    Other pages have only started to pick up visits after a month or so. Some probably never will.

    I'm still trying a scatter gun approach- every kind of topic, pitched at every kind of audience. When I know what pays off I might specialise.

    I should get my first adsense payment next month- small reward for full time labour but then, where I live- Thailand- it will pay the rent and the internet and the phone bill, so it equals profit.

  17. belief713 profile image60
    belief713posted 14 years ago

    If you're writing on HubPages to make money you have to get found by the search engines. It's as simple as that. HubPages already gives you a one up with being found (they've done a great job at giving us the tools to help) - learn how to improve it and you'll, no doubt, make money with HubPages.

    I reached my first payout in March 2008 (I joined HP in Jan 08), except I did already have $40 sitting there since 06 that I never did anything more with  - paid in April. 2nd payment in Sept 08. 3rd in Jan 09. 4th just received today (May 09). So as you can see it grows.

    I only recently started publishing elsewhere (just blogger and a few hosted WordPress blogs) and some of the AdSense earnings are from those sources, but I'd say it's only about 10-20% (haven't done the math yet).

    That's just AdSense - I've also received payments from Amazon & eBay (nothing yet from Kontera). That's nothing compared to what some other Hubbers make - but to some it may be an inspiration. When I look at the time I put into making those Hubs and look at the return (in $$) it was well worth it. And what's even better is it keeps growing every month regardless of if I continue to publish new content or not.

  18. BristolBoy profile image66
    BristolBoyposted 14 years ago

    I have found the same.  I am relatively new, but haven't written the number of hubs that some of people have.  However, I have noticed some increase in earnings which is good news.  Also, if you are interested, I have weekly and monthly updates on all my online money making schemes, including Hubpages on my blog and I believe many other people do as well.  There are also similar pages here and here.

  19. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years ago

    Thanks BristolBoy! Your numbers are encouraging!

  20. Silver Rose profile image68
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    It depends on the source of the traffic (go for search engines) AND the topic of the hub.

    In my short experience, some topics are simply more lucrative than others. And it's never the fun topics either!

    People seem to have different strategies - some are producing loads of hubs in the belief that volume will produce results. I'm trying the backlink strategy - few hubs, most of my time spent trying to build back-links to those hubs and trying to monitor where I am on the SERPS of the main engines for certain keywords using a spreadsheet on open office.

    Writing hubs is fun. Building backlinks is the most boring tedious thing in the world. But it does seem to be paying off at last, after two long months.

  21. Silver Rose profile image68
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    aniketgore - my backlink strategy is nothing special.

    I just try to leave comments on blogs in the niche of the hub I'm promoting (I find the blogs through the search engines, and frequently use Yahoo and Live search to find blogs because they produce different results to Google).

    When leaving a comment on a blog, use the keyword you are targetting as the "name" and post the link of your hub in the space for the URL. Oh, and try to leave an informative useful and relevant comment, not rubbish like "good post", otherwise the owner of the blog won't publish it (almost all blogs are moderated these days).

    Criteria for choosing the blog to comment on: just that it is in the same niche/subject area as my hub - don't go for random blogs. I don't worry about no-follow/do-follow etc - too much hassle and also you want the comment building to look natural, and natural comments would appear everywhere. I also vary the keywords I use as the "name" - it looks odd if it's just all the same keyword.

    Comment backlinks arn't the very best sort of course. The best are backlinks that occur embedded in a blog post. I'd love to be able to get a backlink from someone's blog post in my niche area, but I don't know anyone who can give me one, and just have to cross my fingers it happens naturally.

    IMO if you haven't got much spare time, you are better off seeking to comment on blogs in your hub niche rather than spraying comments all over other people's hubs (though it's nice to be friendly to other hubbers).

    I only leave a few comments per day - I don't want the search engines to flag me by noticing a sudden surge in activity. Obviously if you have a lot of hubs, this is a lot of work, as for each hub you will need to seek out blogs in the same subject matter and then leave comments with the hub url linked. If you have a lot of hubs and have to choose which to spend most time on, go for the "how to" ones, the ones that give out practical information. They seem to be the most profitable. 

    You can tell if the strategy is working by looking at your Google Analytics results. When you find you have a hit for a particular keyword, check in the search engine to see what page you are for the keyword. Then start targetting that keyword in the next batch of comments you leave in order to try to move up the ranks. I use a spreadsheet on open office (free to download) to try to keep track of my progress. 

    Hope this helps. I am by no means a huge expert on this, but the above is the strategy I've been trying out so far.

    1. aniketgore profile image60
      aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Very nice strategy i will defiantly use this one. And i think you have enough on this subject to write a blog. Do it it will help others cause everyone is not gonna read this post. Thanks for the help and response.

    2. profile image0
      Iphigeniaposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Similar tactic - find niche-relevant forums, join, visit once or twice a week, be active, leave links either to the hub that it relevantto the niche of that forum or to your Hubpages profile page.

  22. Silver Rose profile image68
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    aniketgore - I think I'll wait a few more months to gather more statistics on the strategy before I start posting blogs as though I am a guru, LOL.

    I'm very new at this, and I'm doing the commenting strategy simply because I'm unable to build backlinks any other way. I have heard that article marketing works too, but have heard in other places that the search engines are discounting it because so many do it. So anyway, I'm trying commenting first and will try other techniques later.

    1. aniketgore profile image60
      aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR JOURNEY. and keep sharing your exp. I never tried to get back links. I tried submitting to some social networking sites but these days i am relying on my witting.

    2. Lissie profile image77
      Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Article marketing works - basically the more backlinks you build with your keywords in the anchor the more likely you are to rank for your keywords. If you keywords are buying keywords you'll get traffic that buys: either clicks Adsense or affiliate sales.

      Obviously some keywords have less competition than others.

      I wrote a detailed hub on how to rank your hub in the search engines here - see I just gave myself a backlink :-)

    3. gr8archer45 profile image67
      gr8archer45posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much silver rose for the wonderful tips, I am keeping my fingers crossed & working as much as I can to improve my hub status, Compared to earlier when I joined, I now remain within 90-95 & m happy with that. I will definitely try the ideas you gave so generously!
      Best of luck to u too smile

  23. Trekkiemelissa profile image66
    Trekkiemelissaposted 14 years ago

    I've seen some money coming in on mine almost daily so its inches more and more, but I don't think I be making the 9 month payout.  I think it will be a bit longer for me but that is okay.  I know I will get there.  smile

  24. LondonGirl profile image82
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    Hope they are both in perfect health very soon.

  25. Silver Rose profile image68
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    gr8archer45 - you are welcome. But just to clarify - when talking about comments I don't mean comments on other people's hubs to build a hub score. When you leave a comment on someone's hub when logged in, all you get is a link to your profile. And let's be honest here, no one is going to search in the search engines for our profiles! They will be searching for keywords relating to the subject you are writing about.

    Therefore, if you are leaving a comment on someone's hub, log out first, and then leave a comment as a guest, with your keyword as your name and the specific hub you are promoting as the URL. Other than that, seek out <i>blogs</i> in your subject area - and the only way to find these blogs to comment on i by Googling.

    lissie - yes, have heard the article marketing strategy works, and will be trying it next. Am trying to work systematically through all the methods to see which has the best impact. I loved the hub you linked to BTW.

    1. aniketgore profile image60
      aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I was commenting but using my HP id. Nice thought i will comment as guest now onwords. But the link will still exist on hubpages. Will this help?

    2. gr8archer45 profile image67
      gr8archer45posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for clarifying this out Silver Rose, Its really nice to see experienced fellow hubbers helping the new ones like me :)although I've been a member for a year now, but don't get the time to write more often due to my other engagements.
      Anyways the commenting tip is really great & thats what I'm gna follow from now

    3. Mrvoodoo profile image58
      Mrvoodooposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Does this work?  I believed that you only gained a valid 'dofollow' link through HubPages if you had a Hub Score of over 75, and by logging out you obviously have no hub score.

      1. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
        pauldeedsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        No, it doesn't work.

        Furthermore, if the only reason you're leaving a comment is to get a link, you shouldn't be commenting at all.  It's fairly easy to recognize the difference between that and a genuine comment, and when you're comments are marked as spam or deleted by the hub's author it may affect your score.

        1. Mrvoodoo profile image58
          Mrvoodooposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          OK thanks, that's pretty much what I thought.

  26. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years ago

    I made it to the left of the decimal today. Over the last week, every day earnings have been increasing, and one of my hubs is now getting most of it's traffic from Google (and it's my top earner). Hopefully I can find some more subjects that Google likes so much!

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      You go girl!

  27. Silver Rose profile image68
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    aniketgore - when commenting as a guest, only choose the hubs related to the hub you want to promote eg if your hub is about car maintenance, seek out other car maintenance hubs. Put a keyword in the name eg "how to recharge a battery" or whatever your hub is about, and the hub url as the link. Don't do this for hubs with subjects unrelated to your hub (for unrelated hubs, leave comments when logged in, so the link is to your profile). The reason for this is that Google hates it when unrelated sites link to each other.

    But it's very important that you comment in places other than hubs! You need to comment on blogs in your niche. So, using our car maintenance example, search for car maintenance blogs and seek to leave a relevant comment on the blogs, again using a keyword and a link.

    You might wish to google about keywords and free keyword generators to get an idea what they are all about and their important in SEO.

    Lissie mentioned article marketing - this is about writing articles with a link to your hub anchored in a keyword, again to build backlinks. Essentially the more backlinks you have that are anchored on keywords related to your hub the better. "Anchored" means that the hyperlink is placed in the actual keyword you are targetting.

    Hope this helps.

  28. Everyday Miracles profile image86
    Everyday Miraclesposted 14 years ago

    Thanks, Nelle! My jaw hit the floor!

    Thank you so much to everybody who has helped me to figure things out thus far!

  29. Philipo profile image43
    Philipoposted 14 years ago

    Thanks for infos.


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