HubPages - what do you think about a conference call?

  1. MarloByDesign profile image86
    MarloByDesignposted 10 years ago

    A big part of my job is conference calls. They are a nice way to stay in touch with people you normally communicate through IM, email, and not meet with face-to-face.

    Also, many companies hold shareholder meeting where all shareholders can dial into a 800 # and listen to updates.

    I have a suggestion:  Can HubPages hold a conference call where we all dial into a 800# (with a code), and listen to Jason and Paul talk about HubPages? Maybe with the Microsoft connection, you can make this happen at a relatively low cost.

    It might be hard for those hubbers in Europe, Australia, and the UK to dial in, but maybe HubPages knows of a solution.

    It would be so cool to hear the voices of some really great hubbers I have gotten to know.

    Just an idea‚Ķ  big_smile