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My passion is writing Hubs on saving $ money, spending less, and how to stretch a penny.

During this tough economy, my goal of writing a blog is to teach people how to live frugally without sacrifice. You can save money everyday, and still live a wonderful life.

Using my financial education and life experience, I write everyday tips on (1) saving money, (2) using coupons - including how to use the *new* trading card binder coupon organizer, (3) using your credit card for everything (yes, everything!), (4) frugal living "It is only a dollar" - Saving money $1 at a time 2011, (5) organizing your finances, (6) getting out of debt, Money saving tips for dog owners, and (7) how to live a frugal lifestyle.

Since I participated in the HubLove Contest over 3 years ago, I have also written hubs on recipes Low cost and easy spaghetti dinner, music, Ending a relationship with a negative person, poetry, and making pickles...and I am sure more topics to come in the future. :)

I am so glad to be part of HubPages and enjoy watching this site evolve, reading other writer's hubs, and leaving engaging comments on numerous Hubs.

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Thanks, MarloByDesign

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