any ideas how to increase the viewers

  1. peterlane profile image57
    peterlaneposted 7 years ago

    Hi there,

    I'm new in the hubs and want to ask for ideas how to increase the traffic on my hubs and how to find friendsandfollowers.

  2. frogdropping profile image86
    frogdroppingposted 7 years ago

    Hello Peter - welcome to HubPages smile

    And so, your answer, which of course you must apply and adapt to suit your own style of writing and audience you're intending to reach.

    First - write. A lot. And inject quality and your own style into it. Have a look around the site, go to the hubbers list, have a see who is at the top, check out their hubs and articles. It will give you a foundation for what you're aiming for, in terms of quality and layout.

    Engage with the community. Read hubs, rate them, leave comments (genuine ones), participate in the forum, at whatever level you feel comfortable. Answer questions and/or requests.

    Become a fan/follower of hubbers you genuinely admire, like or enjoy reading - or all three. Don't, whatever you do, aimlessly follow hubbers. This will not only hurt your overall score as a hubber but show others that you're not genuine.

    And if you're really serious and want to earn a little extra money, then learn some basic SEO. There are many hubs in existence that explain 'how to' do just about anything related to becoming a successful online writer.

    Start with Mark Knowles, Darkside, Relache - there are others and I suggest you use the search box in the upper right of your screen to locate them.

    Mostly though - enjoy what you're doing, don't lose the fun element smile

  3. myownworld profile image79
    myownworldposted 7 years ago

    welcome here peterlane:

    For starters, read as much as you can...there are plenty of similar threads, and hubs you can find on this topic. Meanwhile, stay active in the forums and continue writing good hubs. As for fans/followers, here's something to start off with:

    all the best!