Google Adsense Problem! Need HELP URGENTLY! ASAP!

  1. eveklc profile image68
    eveklcposted 9 years ago

    Google Adsense ("GA") is giving me problem. I cannot access to GA. I have actually did this twice. And it is still not working. The first time was GA asked to wait for their reply but no email from them. I waited and waited for a few month since last year. So I created another Gmail address. This time is also the same. It has already pass a week. Still no email from GA.

    When I go into GA website and try to login. This is what the message says after logged in :
    "Account Not Active
    An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as your application is currently in review. Within a week of your application date, we'll review your application and follow-up with you via email. Once you are approved to join AdSense, you'll be able to log in to your account and get started."

    Please advice. What do I have to do? Or did I miss any step. Can I re-do GA with a new affiliate code?


  2. premsingh profile image60
    premsinghposted 9 years ago

    I am afraid that either adsense has not approved your application or they are still monitoring your site.Reasons for delay are many like URL address provide by you does not contain sufficient content,  traffic to URL is reasonably low, or your webpage has some objectionable content.
    Please check on affiliate settings. If your application is still under consideration, it will be marked as pending against  google adsense text box. If google adsense has rejected it will be marked as rejected. Usually they provide approval within a week or keep it in abeyance for further monitoring of your webpage. To make thing clear, I again repeat the steps. 1. click on "my account" tab, then on account page  - click on affiliate settings and here check what is written near your google adsense box. Hope this clarifiesthe things.